ethnic group mainly living in the U.S. state of Louisiana
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The Cajuns, also known as Acadians, are an ethnic group mainly living in the U.S. states of Louisiana and Texas, and in the Canadian maritime provinces consisting in part of the descendants of the original Acadian exiles-French-speakers from Acadia in what are now The Maritimes of Eastern Canada.

Since 1974, this flag has officially identified the Acadians who migrated to Louisiana.[1]
Total population
1.2 million (2002 estimate)[2]
Regions with significant populations
 United States: 928,313
French (Louisiana French)
English (Cajun English)
Louisiana Creole
Christianity: Predominantly Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Acadians, Métis, French, French Americans, French Canadians, Spaniards, Isleño, Spanish Americans, Basque Americans, Québécois, Louisiana Creoles, French Haitians


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