Chancellor of the Exchequer

Minister for Finance in the United Kingdom and Head of Treasury

The Chancellor of the Exchequer is the head of the government treasury and the chief executive of HM Treasury who is a high ranking minister in the government of the United Kingdom. The Chancellor of the Exchequer (sometimes shortened to The Chancellor, but not the same person as the Lord Chancellor) is responsible for Britain's money and economy.

Chancellor of the Exchequer and Second Lord of the Treasury
Jeremy Hunt

since 14 October 2022
His Majesty's Treasury
Member of
Reports toThe Prime Minister
AppointerThe King (on the advice of the prime minister)
Term lengthAt His Majesty's pleasure
Formation22 June 1316
First holderHervey de Stanton
(in the Kingdom of England only)
DeputyChief Secretary to the Treasury
Salary£153,022 (including £81,932 salary as Member of Parliament)
WebsiteOfficial website

Other well-known Chancellors of the Exchequer include Robert Peel, Winston Churchill, Denis Healey, Geoffrey Howe, George Osborne and Philip Hammond.

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Many Chancellors were also Prime Minister for some or all of the time they were Chancellor. These are shown with a *

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