Electronic game

game that employs electronics to create an interactive system with which a player can play

An electronic game is either a game console that can connect to a TV to play a video game or a game that be played in someone's hand. Electronic games are often bought by younger people including kids, teenagers and people who have special needs as people with special needs particular autism like games with repetitive sound.

Electronic games were most common being sold in the 1990's when it was the best time in the world to make them, manufacturer and sell them.

In the 1980's, a game called Simon was released by Milton Bradley which also had a 'Super' variant called the Super Simon.

In the 90's there were 2 major games being sold - Bop It and Brain Warp, as well as a second edition of Bop It called the Bop It Extreme which was released in 1999 by Hasbro voiced by Scott Parkin. There was a game called Brain Shift that wasn't popular, but a rare low pitched unit was discovered in 2003 which lasted until 2009. Bop It was re-released again in 2008 as Bop It! and Simon was also re-released 3 years later by Hasbro and then KID Group made Simon Swipe.

Electronic games require batteries to run and the manufacture adds a hidden 'test mode' on which the user can use to capture samples to make another game. Although the samples themselves won't be as good as the original studio quality samples, they can be good quality enough to be re-used in another game.