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Hinche (Kréyòl: Ench) is a city in the centre of Haiti. It is the capital city of the Centre Département.

(Kréyòl): Ench
Hinche is located in Haiti
Hinche in Haiti
Coordinates: Coordinates: 19°9′0″N 72°1′0″W / 19.15000°N 72.01667°W / 19.15000; -72.01667
228 m (748 ft)
 • Total23,599
 • Demonym
(female hinchoise)
Time zoneUTC-5 (Eastern)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-4 (Eastern)

The city is in the region called Plateau Central about 100 km (62 mi) northeast of Port-au-Prince. It is also the chief town of an arrondissement (a part of a department) with the same name. The arrondissement has four communes (a commune is like a municipality): Hinche, Cerca-Cavajal (Kreyòl: Sèka Kavajal), Maïssade (Kreyòl: Mayisad) and Thomonde (Kreyòl: Tomonn).

Geography Edit

Hinche is on the southern limit of the Plateau Central, a long valley between the Massif du Nord, to the north, and the Montagne Noire, to the south.

The city is on the right side of the River Guayamouc, a tributary of the River Artibonite.

History Edit

The city was founded in 1704 with families that came from the Canary Islands;[1] it took the Taíno name of the region: Hincha.[2] The French people changed the name to Hinche but in Spanish it is still Hincha. At that moment, the region was part of the Spanish colony of Santo Domingo (now the Dominican Republic).

After the Haitian Revolution, in the early 19th century, this region became part of the new Republic of Haiti but the Dominican Republic accepted the transfer of the region to Haiti only in 1929.

Attractions Edit

Bassin Zim, to the east of Hinche, is a beautiful 20 m waterfall, a 30-minute drive from town.

In the city you will also find the Cathédrale de Sacré-Coeur ("Sacred Heart Cathedral").

Media Edit

Radio Edit

  • Radio Seven Stars
  • Radio Super Continentale
  • Radyo Leve Kanpe
  • Radyo Vwa Peyizan
  • Radio Quotidien FM
  • Radio Immaculée Conception
  • Radio MEN FM

Television Edit

  • Télé Smart
  • Télé Connection
  • Tele Seven Stars
  • Tele MEN

Born in Hinche Edit

References Edit

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