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Port-de-Paix (Kréyòl: Pòdepè or Pòdpè; in English means "Peace Port") is a city and the capital of the département of Nord-Ouest in Haiti on the Atlantic coast.

Port-de-Paix is located in Haiti
Port-de-Paix in Haiti
Coordinates: 19°57′N 72°50′W / 19.950°N 72.833°W / 19.950; -72.833
 • Total115,000
 • Demonym
(female Port-de-Paisienne)
Time zoneUTC-5 (Eastern)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-4 (Eastern)

The city is close to the mouth of the river Trois-Rivières, one of the most important river in Haiti. It has a population of 115,000 (2003 census), with 25,000 living in the city.

Christopher Columbus came to this region on 15 December 1492 and he gave it the name Valle del Paraíso or Valparaiso (Spanish for "Paradise Valley") because he found that this was a very beautiful valley.[1]

A ferry operates between the town and Tortuga Island (La Tortue) situated just across the water.

The town was founded in 1665 by French buccaneers (a kind of pirates in the Caribbean) from Tortuga Island when they had to leave the island. In 1676 the town saw the first black slave revolt; its leader was Padre Jean (also Padrejean and Pedro Juan) and who was killed by buccaneers in 1679 in the mountains close to Port-de-Paix.

The area saw great success during the 19th century and Port-de-Paix was an important port; from here, bananas and coffee were sent to other countries. In 1902 the town was almost entirely destroyed by fire.

Port-de-Paix is also the chief town of an arrondissement (a part of a department) of the same name. The arondissement consists of four communes (like municipalities): Port-de-Paix, Bassin Bleu, Chansolme and Tortuga Island.

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