Lord Mayor

municipal executive for certain large cities in the Commonwealth

The Lord Mayor is the title of the Mayor of a major city, with special recognition.

John Stuttard, Lord Mayor of London during the 2006 Lord Mayor's Show

United KingdomEdit

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland it is a ceremonial position. This means the person is not in charge of the day to day work of the city, but represents the city at important events. These positions are given to a person by letters patent, which are a special letter from the monarch.

Commonwealth of NationsEdit


Other countriesEdit

  • In Denmark, Overborgmester, is the title of the highest mayor of Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen.
  • In Germany, Oberbürgermeister, is the title of the mayors of county-free, often large cities. As in Australia, Germany's mayors are the working leaders of their cities. The mayor in the three German city-states also has the function of a Ministerpräsident (head of government of one of Germany's constitutive States). These mayors are called Regierender Bürgermeister (Governing Mayor) in Berlin, and Erster Bürgermeister (First Mayor) in Hamburg.
  • In Finland, the head city manager of the capital, Helsinki, is given the title ylipormestari meaning "high mayor". This title is used more than the official title of the office, kaupunginjohtaja. This tradition is almost the same as the Lord Mayors in other countries.
  • In Romania and Moldova, the mayors of the capitals (Bucharest and Chişinău, are named Primar General which means General Mayor. The name is ceremonial and it has no higher powers than mayors of other cities.