Luxembourgish Americans

ethnic group; Americans of Luxembourgish birth or descent

Luxembourgish Americans are Americans of Luxembourgish ancestry. The United States 2000 Census said that there were 45,139 Americans of Luxembourgish descent.[2] In 1940 there were 100,000 Americans with Luxembourgish ancestry.[3]

Luxembourgish Americans
Total population
47,129 (2019)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Illinois · Wisconsin · Michigan • Minnesota · Iowa · California
American English · Luxembourgish · German · French
Roman Catholicism · Judaism · Lutheranism
Related ethnic groups
German Americans · Belgian Americans · French Americans

The first families from Luxembourg went to the United States around 1842. They left because of the overpopulation and economic change in Luxembourg.

Most Luxembourgish Americans live in the Midwest. This was where most of them settled in the nineteenth century. In 2000, the states with the largest Luxembourgish American populations were Illinois (6,963), Wisconsin (6,580), Minnesota (5,867), Iowa (5,624), and California (2,824).[4]


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