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Naruto (ナルト) is a Japanese manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. It follows an orphaned ninja who dreams to become "Hokage". The Hokage is the strongest ninja and the leader for the village, called Konoha (meaning "leaf" in Japanese). As the series progresses, Naruto and his friends begin to solve the ancient history of the ninja world. His friends including Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. Their teacher is Kakashi Hatake. The manga was first published in 1999 in a Japanese magazine called Shonen Jump. It was also translated into English. The anime series premiered in Japan in October 2002. In the United States, it started in September 2005.

Naruto (manga)
NARUTO -ナルト-
GenreAdventure, fantasy, martial arts[1][2]
Naruto (pilot chapter)
Written byMasashi Kishimoto
Published byShueisha
English publisher
MagazineAkamaru Jump
English magazine
PublishedAugust 18, 1997
Written byMasashi Kishimoto
Published byShueisha
English publisher
Viz Media
Viz Media
ImprintJump Comics
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Jump
English magazine
Original runSeptember 21, 1999November 10, 2014
Volumes72 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byHayato Date
Written by
  • Katsuyuki Sumisawa (#1–132)
  • Junki Takegami (#133–220)
Music by
Licensed by
Madman Entertainment
Viz Media
Original networkTXN (TV Tokyo)
English network
Original run October 3, 2002 February 8, 2007
Episodes220 ([[(Naruto season 1) |List of episodes]])
Anime television series
Naruto: Shippuden
Directed by
  • Hayato Date
  • Masaaki Kumagai (#261–280)
  • Yasuaki Kurotsu[a] (#290–295)[b]
  • Osamu Kobayashi (#480–483)
  • Chiaki Kon (#484–488)
Written by
  • Junki Takegami (#1–289, #296–500)
  • Satoru Nishizono (#1–53)
  • Yasuyuki Suzuki (#54–71)
  • Yasuaki Kurotsu (#290–295)[c]
  • Masanao Akahoshi (#484–488)[d]
Music by
Licensed by
Madman Entertainment
Viz Media
Manga Entertainment
Original networkTXN (TV Tokyo)
English network
Cartoon Network
Neon Alley
Animax Asia
Disney XD, Adult Swim (Toonami)
Original run February 15, 2007 March 23, 2017
Episodes500 (List of episodes)

Plot change

Twelve years ago, a spiritual Nine-Tail fox attacked the Hidden Leaf Village, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki sacrificed themselves to seal the monster within a boy named Naruto. Nobody told Naruto that the fox was sealed inside him. The villagers treated him badly because of the monster. When Naruto found out the truth, it made him want to become the next Hokage and earn everyone's respect. After graduating from being a genin, Naruto joined Team 7. The members of Team 7 were Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and their teacher Kakashi Hatake. They defeated Zabuza and Haku in the Land of Waves. Orochimaru interrupted the Chunin Exam, killing the Third Hokage and Fourth Kazekage. Orochimaru tricked the army of the Hidden Sand into opposing the Leaf. Jiraiya trained Naruto, while Tsunade became the Fifth Hokage. Sasuke left the village and looked for revenge against Itachi. Naruto defeated five enemies from the Land of Sound through the forest, but he failed to stop Sasuke from joining up with Orochimaru.

Two and a half years later, Naruto recruited Sai and Yamato. The Akatsuki organization started kidnapping ninja hosts. Sasuke formed a tracking party and defeated Itachi. Then he became stronger and joined Akatsuki. Naruto learned Sage Mode. He defeated Nagato for killing Jiraiya and devastating the village, even though he became good. Tobi interrupted the meeting and declared the Fourth Great Ninja War. He had a plan to reform the legendary Ten Tails from the nine tailed beasts. That would control humanity and achieve world peace. After learning Chakra Mode with the fox spirit, Naruto helped the Allied Shinobi Forces defeat the army of White Zetsu. Tobi was revealed to be Obito, who kept the power of the eyes containing the Rinnegan and Sharingan.

When Madara came back to life and stole Obito's half of the power, he turned into the Sage of Six Paths. He used the power of the forbidden art to trap everyone in the Ninja World (except Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Obito and other dead ninjas). Black Zetsu fused with Madara to complete the reincarnation. That freed Kaguya Otsutsuki to take his place. In the past, Kaguya's son, Hagoromo, had trained Ashura and Indra. Ashura and Indra were the first incarnations who came before Naruto and Sasuke. After Kaguya killed Obito, Kakashi sacrificed his power. Naruto and Sasuke worked together to seal Kaguya and Zetsu, and Madara died again. When Sasuke used the forbidden genjutsu, Naruto defeated and spared him. The world was peaceful and all the spiritual beasts were freed from Kaguya. Kakashi became Sixth Hokage. Sasuke realized his mistake, disabled the genjutsu, and forgave everyone.

Years later, Naruto became the Seventh Hokage. He married Hinata Hyuga. They had two children. Their daughter was named Himawari, and their son was named Boruto. Boruto has a special eye and body mark. Boruto makes a new Team 7 with Konohamaru Sarutobi, Sasuke and Sakura's daughter Sarada, and Orochimaru's artificial son Mitsuki. Boruto helped Naruto and Sasuke defeat the two clansmen. Boruto learned that the new enemy group called "Kara" are using their own marks. Kawaki was taken to the Leaf Village and adopted by Naruto's family. Soon after, Isshiki Otsutsuki attacked the hidden leaf village to take Kawaki back but Naruto and Sasuke stopped with the sacrifice of Kurama ( Nine Tails.)

Ninja Ranks change

Ninja Student change

This is where a beginner learns to be a ninja.

Genin change

Basically meaning lower ninja. Rank of missions they are sent to: D and C easy missions.

Chunin change

Basically meaning middle ninja. Rank of missions they were sent to: C and B.

Jonin change

Basically meaning high ninja. Rank of missions they were sent to: B, A, and S rank.

ANBU change

They are like ninja black ops and are assassins. They serve the village's Kage.

Characters change

Naruto Uzumaki change

The main character of the series. He is a member of Team 7 and the Jinchuriki of Kurama the Nine Tails. He wants to become Hokage to gain the villagers' respect and protect everyone. Over the course of the series, readers find out he is descended from Asura Otsutsuki. He got his chakra and stamina from Asura Otsutsuki. Naruto befriends many foreign and Konoha people and helps them so much that he becomes famous. Naruto eventually completes his dream of becoming Hokage. He starts a family with Hinata Hyuga and has two children, Boruto and Himawari.

Sasuke Uchiha change

The second main character of the series. He is a Team 7 member and a surviving member of the Uchiha clan, a powerful ninja clan descended from Indra Otsutsuki known for their Sharingan eyes. Sasuke's only wish is to avenge his clan. That made him turn on the Hidden Leaf once he learned the truth until the Fourth Great Ninja War. By the events of the Boruto, he lost his arm. Sasuke started investigating the Otsutsuki clan's influence on the world while helping Konohagakure.

Sakura Haruno change

One of Naruto's friends and a female member of Team 7, serving as the group's medic ninja after being trained by Tsunade. Sakura was initially infatuated with Sasuke while resentful to Naruto, gradually seeing the latter as a friend while eventually marrying Sasuke and raising their daughter Sarada.

Kakashi Hatake change

The leader and sensei of Team 7/Team Kakashi. Kakashi was a student of Naruto's father's Minato. He got a sharigan from his teammate Obito Uchiha. After the Fourth Great Ninja War, Kakashi became the Sixth Hokage and ruled Konoha for many years. Then he retired so Naruto could be Hokage.

Sai change

A ninja who takes Sasuke's place in Team Kakashi in Part II. Sai can bring his drawings to life. The Foundatin's overseer, Danzo Shimura, raised him to have no emotions. Sai begins becoming more social as he, Naruto and Sakura become friends. At the end of the series, Sai marries into the Yamanaka and raises his son Inojin with his wife Ino.

Yamato change

A ANBU member who becomes a secondary leader in Team Kakashi. Yamato lost his original identity when Orochimaru experimented on him as a child to recreate Hashirama's wood style. Because he has Hashirama's cells, Yamato helps to stop the Nine Tails whenever Naruto is about to be consumed.

Hidden Leaf Village change

Iruka Umino change

A teacher at the Ninja Academy. He lost his parents to Kurama as a child. That made him feel awkward about being Naruto's teacher. Iruka is the first person to acknowledge Naruto. He becomes a father-figure to the boy.

Konohamaru Sarutobi change

The grandson of Third Hokage who looks to Naruto as a mentor in this quest to become Hokage, emulating his work ethic, determination, and signature jutsu such as the Rasengan and the Sexy Jutsu among a variety of other techniques. Konohamaru insists, however, that he will only become Hokage after Naruto has been Hokage first. By the events of the series epilogue, Konohamaru has ascended to the rank of jonin and become a mentor to Naruto's son Boruto.

Hinata Hyuga change

One of Naruto's friends and a member of the Hyuga clan. She is a powerful ninja clan descended from Hamura Otsutsuki. The Otsutsuki are known for their Byakugan eyes. Hinata was the first daughter of the main house, but because she was shy and couldn't stand up for herself, her father Hiashi disowned her. She was replaced by her younger sister Hanabi. Afterwards, Kurenai Yuhi cared for Hinata. She became Yuhi's gennin student with Kiba Inuzaka and Shino Abarame. They became members of Team 8. Hinata started to like Naruto. His determination made her feel more confident. In the last episode, she told him she loved him. Hinata and Naruto got married and had two children.

Team Asuma change

They were known as Team 10. The members are Third Hokage's son Asama Sarutobi and his three students, Shikamaru Nara, Sakura's rival Ino Yamanaka, and Choji Akimichi. Shikamaru and his friends are also called "Ino-Shika-Cho." Their clans being close allies. During Part II, Asuma was killed by the Akatsuki member Hidan. Shikamaru avenged his mentor and became the group's leader. At the end of the series, Shikamaru kept his promise to take care of Asuma's daughter Mirai Sarutobi. Shikamaru and his friends each got married. They raised their children Shikadai Nara, Chocho Akimichi, and Inojin Yamanaka to be the next "Ino-Shika-Cho" group.

Team Guy change

A ninja team made of Kakashi's rival Might Guy and his three students Rock Lee, Hinata's cousin Neja Hyuga, and Tenten. They are a year older than the other Hidden Leaf gennin. Guy wanted to wait a year before they could take the test to advance in ninja rank and become Chunin. Neji sacrificed himself to save Naruto and Hinata. Guy was hurt during his ultimate attack and had to retire early.

Jiraiya change

Naruto's mentor and one of the Three Legendary Sannin. The Three Legendary Sannin were the students of the Third Hokage who survived the Hidden Rain's Hanzo of the Salamander in battle. Jiraiya is also known as the "Toad Sage" for having learned Sage jutsu from the Roads of Mt. Myobu. He was told by the elder that his student will become a savior of the world. Naruto calls him "pervy sage" because he wrote romance novels. He also wrote the epic "Tale of the Gutsy Ninja" with Naruto. During Part I, took Naruto as his student. In Part II, he left to investigate the Akatsuki. He found out it was led by his former student Nagato. Jiraiya died fighting to give the Hidden Leaf a chance against Nagato. He believed Naruto is the child of the Elder Toad's prophecy.

Hokage change

The term Hokage refers to the title of the leader of Konohagakure. There are seven in total through the series. Their pictures are carved into the rock formation over Konohagakure.

  • Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage, was the co-founder of Konohagakure. He was the leader of Senju Clan. He was a child during the Warring States period. Hashirama wanted to end the conflict. He made friends with Madara Uchiha. Then, Madara Uchiha decided they were enemies. Later, Hashirama and Madara made peace between their clans. Hashirama died, but he was brought back to life twice by Orochimaru.
  • Tobirama Senju, the Second Hokage, was Hashirama's younger brother. He was the teacher of Hiruzen Sarutobi. Heo created the Hidden Leaf'sbuildingseand ways. He also invented many jutsuliket include the Shadow Clone Jutsu and the Reanimation Jusu. Orochimaru used the Reanimation Jutsu on him..
  • Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, is the first Hokage shown in the series. He acts as a source of wisdom to younger generations. He is one of the few characters to always treat Naruto as a person. He is also the mentor of the Legendary Sannin. He wa killed by his wayward student while using the Reaper Death Seal. His soul, the Hokages' souls, and Orochimaru's souls were sealed into the reaper's stomach. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Orochimaru released Hiruzen's soul from the Death Seal. He reanimated him so Sasuke could learn the events behind the Uchiha Clan Massacre. Sarutobi and the other three Hokage fought against Obito and Madara. They were put to rest following after Kaguya was defeated.
  • Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, is Naruto Uzumaki's father. He was also Kakashi's teacher and Jiraiya's student. He perfected Tobirama's Flying Thunder God teleportation Jutsu. Before the start of the series, Minato siphoned Kurama's Yin chakra. That weakened the beast. Namikaze sealed Kurama into Naruto's body. That meant only Naruto could use the Nine-Tails' yang chakra. Later, Orochimaru raised him from the dead as a Nine Tails Jinchuriki. Minato met Naruto again. He gave the Nine Tails' yin chakra to Naruto. Then he returned to the afterlife.
  • Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, is the Hokage for most of the series. She was a student of the Third Hokage. She was a member of the Senju clan. Her grandfather Hashirama had superhuman strength. Tsunade uses a transformation technique to look young. At first, Tsunade did not want to be Hokage because her younger brother Nawaki and her boyfriend Dan Kato both died trying to be Hokage. Tsunade regained her faith after meeting Naruto Uzumaki. She became Hokage and taught Sakura and Ino. By the end of the series, Tsunade retired. She bestowed the Hokage title to Kakashi.

Danzo Shimura change

A Hidden Leaf resident. He is the leader of the Foundation. The Foundation is a secret organization that takes care of security. His goal is to become Hokage. He thought Hiruzen and his followers were weak. Danzo caused many bad things like the Uchiha Massacre. He had Orochimaru add Sharingan eyes and Hashirama's cells to him. When Tsunade was in a coma, Danzo was Acting Candidate Sixth Hokage. Sasuke killed him. After he died, the Foundation fell apart at the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Zabuza Momochi change

One of Naruto's first opponents. He was a member of Hidden Mist's Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, a group of ninja that use particularly large swords in battle. He killed his whole class as part of a graduation ritual. Zabuza has a large sword called the Executioner's Blade. The Executioner's Blade can repair itself by absorbing the iron from blood. Zabuza had an apprentice named Haku. Haku could use the Ice-Style Kekkei Genkai. Zabuza and Haku became rogue ninja after trying to take over the Fourth Mizukage. They worked for a crime boss named Gato to get money to try again. Zabuza died after he was betrayed by Gato. Kabu brought Zabuza and Haku back to life.

Orochimaru change

A criminal who served as the principal villain of Part I. He was Hiruzen's student. Orochimaru joined the Akatsuki and worked with Danzo. Orochimaru wanted to live forever so he could learn every jutsu. He did experiments on other ninja. Then he made his own ninja village, the Hidden Sound Village. He used the village to experiment on people and make an army. He wanted to use the army to destroy Konoha. To live forever, he changes his mind to different bodies every few years. He wanted to use Sasuke's body to live in. After the end of part II, Orochimaru stopped fighting Konoha. He made Mitsuki instead. Yamato watched him.

Kabuto Yakushi change

Orochimaru's right hand and spy. He is good at medical ninjutsu and can manipulate cells. Kabuto was initially a Foundation spy. He had no memory of his past. Orochimaru helped Kabuto when Danzo did not trust him. Kabuto used his skills to spy on people for Orochimaru. After Orochimaru was defeated, Kabuto decided to master Snake Sage jutsu. He put some of Orochimaru's remains into his body. He also added DNA samples of Sound Five, Jugo, Suigetsu, and Karin. Kabuto perfected the Reanimation Jutsu. He made Tobi work with him as payment for his surfaces. Kabuto was defeated, but he saved Sasuke. After the war Kabuto returned to run the orphanage he was raised in with his adopted brother Urushi.

Itachi Uchiha change

A rogue Hidden Leaf ninja. He joined the Akatsuki after slaughtering his clan. He was shown as a villain. After he died, Itachi was shown to be loyal to the Hidden Leaf. He only killed his family because they tried to take over when Danzo and Tobi told them to. Itachi joined Akatsuki after they agreed to keep Sasuke alive. He planned to have Sasuke kill him. Itachi secretly stayed loyal to the Hidden Leaf by secretly spying on the Akatsuki. He was Kisame's partner..

Akatsuki change

The main enemy of the second part of the series. It was founded by Jiraiya's students Yahiko, Nagato and Konan as a peacekeeping group in the Hidden Rain. Danzo and Tobi made it change to paid fighters made of rogue ninja. Nagato became a leader. The Akatsuki's new goal was to make everyone understand suffering so that there would be peace. They acted on Madara's Project Moon's Eye to feed the tailed beasts to the Gedo Statue. They used an Infinite Tsukiyomi to control all people.

  • Nagato, called Pain. He had Madara's eyes put in him when he was a child. He is the Akatsuki's leader and partner of Konan. Nagato uses the dead body of his dead friend Yahiko in the Deva Path to be the "Pain." Yahiko had helped start the Akatsuki with Nagato and Konan. They learned ninjutsu from Jiraiya. Nagato was hurt after Yahiko's died. Then, he used six bodies known as the Six Paths of Pain. Each body used a sixth of his power. After he killed Jiraiya, Nagato led an attack on the Hidden Leaf. Naruto beat his Paths and restored Nagato's faith in Jiraiya's teachings. Tobi later stole the Rinnegan from Nagato's resting place. Madara took it back later. Kabuto brought Nagato back to life in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Then he was sealed by Itachi.
  • Konan, the Akatsuki's only female member and Nagato's childhood friend. As Jiraiya's student, Konan learned to take advantage of her skill with origami. She used it as an important part of her fighting style. After Nagato's death, Konan left the Akatsuki. She fought Tobi when he came to get the Rinnegan eyes. She was killed in the fight.
  • Kisame Hoshigaki, a rogue ninja from the Hidden Mist Village. He is Itachi Uchiha's partner. He is one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Kisame uses a living scaled sword called Sharkskin. Sharkskin absorbs his enemy's chakra and gives it to Kisame. This gives him more stamina. He joined the Akatsuki to see a world without lies. He attacked Killer Bee. He became a spy. He was captured sending the jinchuriki's location to Tobi, then killed himself.
  • Sasori, a rogue Hidden Sand puppet ninja. He was called "Sasori of the Red Sand" because he was good at making poison. He was raised by his grandmother Chiyo after his parents were killed by Kakashi's father. Sasori's really wanted to make things that last forever. That let him make dead bodies into puppets that he could use. Sasori left his village. He abducted the Third Kazekage and made him into his most important weapon by poisoning his iron sand. Sasori made himself into a puppet. He hid himself in his armored body puppet. That let him control hundreds of puppets at the same time. When he joined the Akatsuki, Sasori was Orochimaru's partner. Then he was Deidara's partner. They captured Gaara and took the One Tail from him. Sasori was killed. His puppet body was used by Kankuro.
  • Deidara, a rogue Hidden Stone ninja. He made money bombing things with clay bombs. Then Itachi Uchiha forced him to join the Akatsuki. Deidara did not like the Uchihas because of what Itachi did to him. He also thought their Sharingan eyes looked down on his art. After he helped capture Gaara and the Three Tails, Deidara fought Sasuke. He blew himself up trying to kill Sasuke. Deidara was brought back to life by Kabuto in the Fourth Great Ninja War. He was defeated by Kankuro.
  • Hidan, a rogue ninja from the Hidden Boiling Water Village. He was armed with a scythe. He was Kakuzu's partner. As member of a death cult called the Way of Jashin, Hidan became immortal. He made techniques that let him defeat opponents by hurting himself. Hidan became an enemy of Shikamaru after murdering Asama. His body was cut up and he was buried in the Nara's family forest.
  • Kakuzu, a rogue ninja from the Hidden Waterfall Village and Hidan's partner. He first lived during the First Hokage's time. Kakuzu mastered a forbidden jutsu that causes his body to be held together by black threads. He could have up to five hearts to prolong his life for a long time. He was Akatsuki's treasurer and bounty hunter. He killed a majority of his partners. Then he was paired up with the immortal Hidan. Kakuzu's hearts were destroyed during his fight against the Hidden Leaf ninja. Kakashi killed him after Naruto hurt his last heart. Kakuzu was brought back to life during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Then he was sealed again.

Obito Uchiha change

Also known as Tobi. He is Akatsuki's true leader. He is the main enemy for most of Part II. He was a child during the Third Great Ninja War. He gave his left eye to his teammate Kakashi when he looked like he was about to die. When he looked like he was going to die, Obito was saved by Madara. Madara replaced the damaged parts of his body with Zetsu prosthetics. Obito became Madara's student. Madara made Obitsu watch Kakashi kill Rin Noharu. Obito decided he would use the Tailed Beasts to destroy reality. He wanted to create a perfect world. Obito took Madara's name. He controlled things that led to the creation of the Akatsuki. He also controlled things that led to the Nine Tails' attack on the Hidden Leaf Village. He was angry at his former mentor, Minato. With his Sharingan, Obito can make it seem like he cannot be touched. He can teleport a long way. He can also use Wood Style attacks because he has Hashirama's cells. After Obito is defeated, he gets back the sharingan he gave Kakashi. Then he died to protect team 7 from Kaguya. He helped Kakashi in spirit.

Madara Uchiha change

One of two people who started Hidden Leaf Village. The other was Madara's childhood friend Hashirama Senju. Madara and Hashirama are reincarnations of the founding ancestors, Indra and Asura. Sasuke and Naruto are also reincarnations of Indra and Asura. Madara does not like the Senju because they killed his brothers during the Warring States Period. He makes peace with Hashirama, but then turns against him again. Madara tried to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village with the Nine Tails jutsu. Hashirama stopped him, and Madara faked his death. Madara used Hashirama's blood for his Rinnegan. He summoned the Gedo statue to keep himself alive. He finally died after getting Obito Uchiha to work for him. He gave his Rinnegan to Nagato so that he could be brought back from the dead later. After some time, Madara came back from the dead and turned himself into the Ten Tails jinchuriki. He tried to finish his plan, but Black Zetsu betrayed him. Madara became a vessel for Kaguya. When Kaguya was resealed, Madara was close to dying. He finally made peace with Hashirama and then died for good.

Kaguya Otsutsuki change

The main enemy of the Naruto series. Kaguya was a member of the main family of the Otsutsuki clan. The Otsutsuki clan were a race of alien ninja whose branch family's descendants include the Senju, the Uchiha, and the Hyuga. Kaguya decided to protect the world rather than feed off it like her kin. She became part of the world's Divine Tree as she worked on her ideal of world peace. Kaguya lost faith in humanity. She turned some humans into an army called trust White Zetsu. They were to defend her against other Otsutsuki. She fought with her half-human twin sons, Hagoromo and Hamura, upon learning they inherited her chakra. Kaguya became part of the Divine Tree and turned it into the Ten-Tails. When Hagoromo captured her, she was sealed in the moon. She turned into the Gedo Statue. Her chakra turned into the Nine Tailed Beasts. Before she was sealed, Kaguya made Black Zetsu. Black Zetsu would help her to come back. They would use Indra and the Uchiha Clan. Madara Uchiha would be her new vessel. Naruto and Sasuke defeated her with their team. They took out the spiritual beasts and Madara. Then they sealed Kaguya again.

  • Zetsu, an Akatsuki who is not human. He spies for the Akatsuki. He can get rid of dead or secret Akatsuki members. Therea re two parts of Zetsu. Black Zetsu is like a shadow. He was created by Kaguya to control Indra. Black Zetsu pretended to be controlled by Madara. White Zetsu is one of many former humans that became part of the Gedo Statue. Sasuke killed White Zetsu during the Fourth Great Ninja War. After that, Black Zetsu went to Obito. Then he went to Madara. Finally, he was sealed with Kaguya.
  • Tobi, also known as "Gurguru", is a White Zetsu. He was Obito's exoskeleton while coping with his new body. Obito based his Tobi form on him. Tobi fought in the Fourth Great Ninja war by taking Yamato's Wood Style. Then he left him once Madara cast Infinite Tsukuyomi. Finally, he crumbled after the jutsu was cancelled. Only Yamato saw him die.

Comics change

The manga series has 72 volumes. There are 26 light novels and 13 novels in Japan. In the United States, there are 16 chapter books. They use pictures from the manga.

Growth and popularity change

The manga series ran up to 72 volumes. It became one of the most popular manga and anime.[source?] Since it began, a lot of Naruto fansites (websites made by people who like it a lot) were made with detailed information, guides, forums and card games.

Anime change

The first part aired from 2002 to 2007 with 220 episodes. The second part Naruto Shippuden aired from 2007 to 2017 with 500 episodes. Some episodes and anime movies for the series are not based on the manga.

Original video animations change

Twelve Naruto original video animations (OVAs) have been released.

  1. Find the Crimson Four-Leaf Clover! (2002). Follows Team 7 as they help Konohamaru with his mission to retrieve a four leaf clover that makes a wish come true.[3]
  2. Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village! (2003).[3] Team 7 are on a mission to escort a shinobi to his hometown. This and the previous OVA were later released on DVD in Australia under the title Naruto Jump Festa Collection.[3] The English localization of Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village! was released on DVD by Viz on May 22, 2007, in the US under the title Naruto – The Lost Story.[4]
  3. Konoha Annual Sports Festival. (2004) Multiple groups of shinobi, including Team 7, participate in a sports competition where the award is a week break from missions. A short video released with the first Naruto movie; in North America, this was included on the Deluxe Edition DVD of the first film.[5]
  4. Finally a clash! Jonin VS Genin!! Indiscriminate grand melee tournament meeting!! (2005) Fifth Hokage Tsunade creates a competition between Jonin (high level ninja) and Genin (low level ninja). Released on a bonus disk with the Japanese edition of the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 video game for the PlayStation 2.[6]
  5. Shippū! "Konoha Gakuen" Den (2008). This OVA follows Naruto Uzumaki and his peers as they live their lives in high school.[7]
  6. Naruto: The Cross Roads (2010). Focuses on Team 7 after their encounter with Zabuza and Haku.[8]
  7. Naruto, The Genie, and The Three Wishes!! (2010). While Team 7 are at the beach, Naruto finds a bottle and opens it to find a genie who grants three wishes.[9]
  8. Naruto x UT (2011). Naruto is defeated by Sasuke and is pronounced dead; the events leading to the combat are shown in flashback.[10]
  9. Chūnin Exam on Fire! Naruto vs. Konohamaru! (2011). Naruto and Konohamaru are participants in the Chunin Exams, and are matched with each other; they fight with no limits.[11]
  10. Hashirama Senju vs. Madara Uchiha (2012). Tobi narrates the origin of Konoha. At the beginning ninja fought for their own clans. The most powerful among them are two clans: the Senju led by Hashirama, and the Uchiha led by Madara. This was distributed as part of the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.[12]
  11. Naruto Shippūden: Sunny Side Battle!!! (2014). In his sleep, Sasuke dreams of his brother Itachi making him breakfast repeatedly until it is perfect.[13]
  12. The Day Naruto Became Hokage (2016). Naruto Uzumaki is officially the Seventh Hokage, but does not make it to the ceremony.[14]

Movies There are 11 movies following the plot of the anime and manga.

There is a plan to make a live action Naruto movie.[15]

Video games change

There are more than 50 games.[16] Many of them are fighting games based on the anime or manga. The first Naruto game was Naruto: Clash of Ninja, which was originally released in Japan on December 19, 2002, and later in North America on November 17, 2005 as the first Naruto game in North America.

Online games change

Websites for the game included Ninja Classic and Naruto-Arena.

Notes change

  1. Pseudonym for Toshiyuki Tsuru
  2. Credited as シリーズディレクター (series director)
  3. Credited as コンセプトワーク (conception work)
  4. Credited as 構成 (composition)

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