Nord N.2501 Noratlas

1949 airlifter family by Nord Aviation
conservated and restorated former Armée de l'Air's Nord 2501 Noratlas in 2009.
Armée de l'Air's Noratlas with paratroopers.

The SNCAN N.2501 Noratlas or simply Noratlas is a post-war military French transport aircraft designed and built by Société Nationale de Construction Aéronautique du Nord.[1] It was use by several air forces like Armée de l'Air, Luftwaffe, and Israeli Air Force. It was built under licence[2] in Germany. It's first flew in septembre 1949[3] and was introduced in 1953. France retired its last one in 1984.


The Noratlas is a twin-boom, twin-engine aircraft. Built in metal it has a high wing, and twin-tail. It can carry 35 paratroopers, or 17 injured peoples on stretcher. On freighter configuration it can carry 7 900 kg for cargo missions. Cockpit is for 2 or 3 peoples : pilot, co-pilot, and sometimes navigator.

Some Noratlas were used like electronics warfare aircraft by French Air Force. In this kind, the Gabriel or Grise[4] (grey in French) had got a crew of 8 or 9 peoples.


Militaries users includes :


Armée de l'Air used SNCAN N.2501 Noratlas for the Algerian war for paratroopers operations,[5] cargo transport, and sometimes search and rescue. In 1956 France and Israel used their Noratlas for Suez Canal crisis.

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