Provinces of Chile

second-level administrative division of Chile

A province is the second largest administrative division in Chile, after a region. Each region is divided in provinces. Chile has 54 provinces in total. Each province is ruled by a governor (gobernador) designated by the president. The provinces are also divided into communes which are ruled by a municipality.

Provinces of Chile

List of provinces by region change

XV - Region of Arica and Parinacota change

I - Region of Tarapacá change

II - Region of Antofagasta change

III - Region of Atacama change

IV - Region of Coquimbo change

V - Region of Valparaíso change

VI - Region of O'Higgins change

VII - Region of Maule change

VIII - Region of Biobío change

IX - Region of Araucanía change

XIV - Region of Los Ríos change

X - Region of Los Lagos change

XI - Region of Aysén change

XII - Region of Magallanes and the Chilean Antarctic change

RM - Metropolitan Region of Santiago change

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