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The congressional districts in the 113th Congress

Welcome to WikiProject Congressional districts. The goal of this project is to complete the congressional district redlinks in List of United States congressional districts. Anyone who wants to join can.

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Add your name to the list if you are willing to participate.

Where to find change

A list of congressional districts can be found here: List of United States congressional districts

Templates used change

New York's 11th congressional district

The same templates used for the en wiki districts are used here.

Infobox change

Template:Infobox U.S. congressional district

Election boxes change

Can he found here:Template:List of election box templates (note that you can take from en wiki but you must attribute)

Tables change

Alabama's 1st congressional district

We also include tables for the article. Usually we only use one. This is for the presidential history used at the start of the election history on each page. You can either make it yourself or you can use the one on en wiki. But you must attribute.

Writing the information change

When you write the paragraph for the article remember to include:

  • The current representative and the political party
  • Counties and major cities if you can
  • Optional:When the district was founded, if the district flipped recently, major events, famous past representatives.

Remember to look at already made congressional districts for help!

Attribution change

Anthony Gonzalez is a Republican from Ohio's 16th congressional district

If you chose to copy paste info boxes, tables , and other templates from the en wiki you must attribute. You do this by using the Template:Translated page. This is the code: {{translated page|en|New York's 11th congressional district|version=1000042083}}

You can get the version= by going to the en wiki article of the page and hitting "view history". Then click compare and after that loads copy and paste the numbers seen after oldid= in the url and past them back into the template. These will go on the talk page of the article once you finish.

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Here is the template.

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