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Talkback change

Hello, Ferien. You have new messages at Wikipedia:Requests for deletion/Requests/2024/Kourage Beatz Nsi.
Message added 01:52, 27 April 2024 (UTC). You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{Talkback}} or {{Tb}} template.

MathXplore (talk) 01:52, 27 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

MathXplore, thank you for letting me know. Please could you use {{ping}} for matters like these in future? Thanks, --Ferien (talk) 20:13, 27 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Page should not be deleted change

Hello Ferien I solved all the problems that were in the page, my request is please don't delete the page, thank you (talk) 06:01, 27 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Please add any comments you have to the request for deletion. Comments made here likely won't be seen by the admin who closes the discussion, who has to determine whether the article should be deleted or not. --Ferien (talk) 06:13, 27 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Help change

Hi @Ferien hope you are well can you take a look to this article and review the article and edit it and thank you Alimahmuttr (talk) 06:31, 27 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

@Alimahmuttr Yesterday, while I was on my mobile phone, I went through it. I couldn't translate the references, but I will check on it later today. DIVINE 06:34, 27 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
@DIVINE don't worry i can help you with the Translations ^^ Alimahmuttr (talk) 06:36, 27 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
@DIVINE you can check this in English
https://wr.gov.sa/en/MediaCenter/Pages/%D8%B4%D9%87%D8%A7%D8%AF%D8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A7%D9%8A%D8%B2%D9%88-.aspx Alimahmuttr (talk) 06:42, 27 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Fix this issue change

Hello ferrain please don't delete Nabeil Schaik Wikipedia page i fixed this issue please i request 2402:E000:649:565B:0:0:0:1 (talk) 09:11, 27 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Ferien help please change

Dear ferien please remove deletion on my Wikipedia page nabeil schaik i requested you please ferien i need your help. Wikiexpertma (talk) 09:19, 27 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Why change

Why are you allowing advertisements here? And all of your RFD states they appear to fail WP:GNG but you never explain why? DIVINE 14:13, 27 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

DIVINE, I would try to answer your first question, but I don't know where I am allowing advertisements so I don't know what I can say to your question. If you could provide examples of advertisements I have allegedly allowed to exist here, I could answer your question and perhaps address your concerns better.
About RfDs, most of my recent nominations are from Category:Articles with topics that may not be notable which is heavily backlogged. Saying that a topic appears to fail WP:GNG or fails WP:GNG is a reason for deletion linking to guidelines. Now, I could go on about the sources in the article for each and every one, and explain my search results etc, but at the end of the day, the impact is the same, and when there are many non-notable articles that have built up in that category, I'd rather write a more concise reason. --Ferien (talk) 16:55, 27 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
As an extension to this, I think your definition of advertisement is perhaps a bit more generous to deleting articles than G11 is. You said Sacaiah Shaw looks like an advertisement, but it just explains his life and career. I have also declined a few of your A4 nominations, where the article claims the person won awards, and these are claims of significance. --Ferien (talk) 17:03, 27 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
@Ferien Let me clarify that I am not making any allegations against you. I am simply curious because while Joel Smart didn't have any references to claim his notability, it went to AFD. I personally believe that we should search for sources on Google or elsewhere. I think we should not entertain such self-promotional articles (I mean, who wants to promote themselves?) with baseless claims on our project. Yes, I know different admins have their own opinions. I can see you're just wise. And again, it wasn't any allegation. Thanks. DIVINE 05:30, 28 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
DIVINE, for what it's worth, we have had suggestions before for a QD criteria that needs a 5 minute notability check to determine whether we quick delete an article or not, but the community didn't support it. I'll have to find the link later. A4 doesn't say the claims have to be backed up, they just have to be there. People could abuse that fact and probably do. There was also a proposal for noindexing the articles that go to RfD so they got less attention during the week they were up, but I don't think it was done as it isn't technically possible. --Ferien (talk) 10:23, 28 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
Yes, what I saw here on Simple English Wikipedia is that when someone creates an article, it starts indexing on Google from the very first moment without getting patrolled, unlike on English Wikipedia, where if someone marks it as reviewed, then only it starts indexing on Google. I think someone, whether it's you or anyone else, should contact the WMF technical team regarding that. DIVINE 10:29, 28 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
(talk page watcher) sorry to barge in on this conversation, but it got me intrigued. On enwiki, there is a process w:NPP where articles are not indexed until they are either patrolled, or are around for 90 days. Obviously this is resource intensive, but what about a 5/10 day non-index window? Would the community get behind that? It would prevent the majority of QD articles from being indexed, and would allow obvious attack pages/poor articles from making the Google Search algorithm. I don't think a week would really cost us that much in terms of indexing. Lee Vilenski (talkcontribs) 11:11, 28 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
@DIVINE and Lee Vilenski: The previous discussion I've been referring to about this was Wikipedia:Simple talk/Archive 133#Use of QD A4, which addresses much of what DIVINE has said already regarding why bureaucrats at the time haven't gone out to try and change NOINDEX for us, but Lee, what you mention about NPP on enwiki is actually a really good idea - I'm not active in NPP on en so I didn't know pages weren't indexed before being patrolled. We just don't have the number of people to maintain an AfC/NPP-style thing where all articles from anons or non-patrollers have to be approved before being indexed, but an approach of not indexing pages for 5-10 days sounds reasonable. Do you know about the process en had to go through to change NOINDEX so it could be applied to articles less than 90 days old? --Ferien (talk) 12:05, 28 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
I don't know the exact process, but I could ask. I used to do quite a bit of patrolling, so most articles on enwiki didn't take long to be indexed, but having a deadline meant that ones that slipped the net would be indexed eventually.
I'll ask someone how it works, because if we could delay indexing, it would prevent some article creations (vandalism/haux/attack) from hitting search engines and wouldn't mean we'd have to actively patrol pages. Lee Vilenski (talkcontribs) 12:24, 28 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
Sorry for the double edit on your talk, it looks like w:Wikipedia:Controlling search engine indexing. Looks like it can be done by Controlling an entire namespace, via MediaWiki software settings. From a glance, you can open a phab ticket to have the namespace indexing changed. I don't see much of an issue of the mainspace indexing to be changed to 10 days. Lee Vilenski (talkcontribs) 13:43, 28 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
@User:Lee Vilenski, I agree. 10 days sounds good. We should apply that here @Ferien. DIVINE 14:30, 28 April 2024 (UTC)Reply
@Lee Vilenski: No worries about the double talk page edit. @DIVINE: I'm going to move this discussion to simple talk to try and gather more opinions on this before we make a fairly large configuration change. --Ferien (talk) 16:00, 28 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Self-minnow change



Letting random edit summaries escape into mainspace. --Ferien (talk) 20:12, 27 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Ferien Help please change

Hello ferien, i hope you're fine, i humble request to you my Wikipedia article name (Nabeil Schaik) i solve this all problems in article so i requested you please don't delete my article. Wikiexpertma (talk) 08:28, 28 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Wikiexpertma, as ive already said above, all comments should be added to the RfD. I am not going to close the RfD or withdraw my nomination because notability is not a problem with the article that can be solved. --Ferien (talk) 10:25, 28 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Wikipedia translation of the week: 2024-18 change

Tech News: 2024-18 change

MediaWiki message delivery 03:34, 30 April 2024 (UTC)Reply

Reminder to vote now to select members of the first U4C change

You can find this message translated into additional languages on Meta-wiki. Please help translate to your language

Dear Wikimedian,

You are receiving this message because you previously participated in the UCoC process.

This is a reminder that the voting period for the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (U4C) ends on May 9, 2024. Read the information on the voting page on Meta-wiki to learn more about voting and voter eligibility.

The Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (U4C) is a global group dedicated to providing an equitable and consistent implementation of the UCoC. Community members were invited to submit their applications for the U4C. For more information and the responsibilities of the U4C, please review the U4C Charter.

Please share this message with members of your community so they can participate as well.

On behalf of the UCoC project team,

RamzyM (WMF) 22:54, 2 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Request change

@Ferien, please I want to know why https://simple.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Every_Woman_in_This_Village_is_a_Liar was deleted. You didn't leave a note. Please don't be angry.

Usimite (talk) 13:26, 4 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Hi Usimite. Sorry I didn't explain the reason more fully. The page was deleted because there is no claim to notability, so the topic likely doesn't pass Wikipedia's notability guidelines. Thanks, --Ferien (talk) 13:29, 4 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
It was deleted under QD A4. DIVINE 13:30, 4 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
The subject passed WP: GNG , except they have changed it Usimite (talk) 14:03, 4 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
Usimite, I should note that passing WP:GNG and having a claim to notability/significance are different things, and in fact, the bar for A4 (A7,9,11 on enwiki) is intentionally much lower than the bar for notability. In that article, there was no claim that showed the subject was significant, let alone notable. If you can rewrite the article to prove otherwise, then it'd be kept. --Ferien (talk) 15:31, 5 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Requesting flood flag change

Hi, could I please have flood flag so I can add "establishments" categories to counties in U.S. states (at least Colorado and Texas)? It will take less than one hour. Kk.urban (talk) 17:37, 4 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Go for it. Let me know if you finish before the expiry and I'll remove it then. --Ferien (talk) 17:39, 4 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
Thanks! Kk.urban (talk) 17:40, 4 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
@Ferien: This is slower than I thought it would be. If you're still around, I could use flood flag for another hour. If not, no worries! Kk.urban (talk) 18:28, 4 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
@Kk.urban: Sorry, I was away for a few minutes. Do you still need it? --Ferien (talk) 18:35, 4 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
@Ferien: Yes, please. Kk.urban (talk) 18:36, 4 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
@Ferien: Thanks, I'm done now. Kk.urban (talk) 19:30, 4 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
Removed, thanks! --Ferien (talk) 19:32, 4 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Wikipedia translation of the week: 2024-19 change

Tech News: 2024-19 change

MediaWiki message delivery 16:45, 6 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Removal of QD tags change

Hi, Just wondering if you can look at Alex Lukason (actor). I've added QD tags a few times, only for them to be removed. Thanks! Yottie =talk= 16:59, 6 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

That's resolved, thanks! --Ferien (talk) 17:00, 6 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Hey change

Can you add "Joseph Kony.png" to the wikipedia article about Joseph kony. Not the simple English Wikipedia article about Joseph kony, but on the main English Wikipedia article about him? MilkAndStrawberryPutin (talk) 14:57, 10 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

MilkAndStrawberryPutin, I'm sorry, but I am not going to do that for you. Please do not use this wiki as a tool to get proxy edits for enwiki. --Ferien (talk) 19:45, 10 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
What's proxy edits and what's the problem with them? MilkAndStrawberryPutin (talk) 20:51, 10 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
MilkAndStrawberryPutin, that is explained on w:WP:PROXYING, over on enwiki. To quote from that page, Editors in turn are not permitted to post or edit material at the direction of a banned or blocked editor (sometimes called proxy editing or proxying) unless they are able to show that the changes are productive and they have independent reasons for making such edits. If an editor is blocked and another editor just makes the edits for them as though nothing happened, there isn't really a point in that first editor being blocked if the second editor is just going to be doing the same thing. --Ferien (talk) 20:56, 10 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
I was blocked because I got annoyed with another editor and I started acting like a jerk, I tried to make appeals but I don't think anyone's reading my newest one where I explained i changed. Also, in your quote, you said "unless they are able to show productive/independent reasons for edits." There's multiple definitions of the words independent and productive on Google, which definition are you talking about when you use those words? And how do I show that the edits are productive or independent once I find out which definition your talking about, who do I talk to? MilkAndStrawberryPutin (talk) 21:26, 10 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
MilkAndStrawberryPutin, the changes need to be productive (I would interpret that as constructive/helpful) and the editors making the edits on behalf of the blocked editor need to have independent reasons for making such edits (ie their own reasons, not just the blocked editor's). --Ferien (talk) 11:38, 11 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
Ok. I already talked to another editor and he did the edit for me but logged out of his account so he doesn't get blocked for making edits for a blocked editor. I think his edit was helpful because it shows the reader what Joseph Kony looks like and it makes the article look good. And the guy that made the edit had an independent reason for making the edit, he felt like it would make the page nicer and he agreed with me. So yeah, hopefully that edit doesn't get undone because it makes the article look good or something MilkAndStrawberryPutin (talk) 07:19, 12 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Larry change

Hi Ferien, Hope you're well, I'm confused by your edit summary here - How is reverting a globally-banned user edit warring ?, Should we stop reverting and allow the vandalism to stand until an admin comes on to block the IP whom in 5 minutes will be back adding his rants again?.... I'm baffled...., Thanks, –Davey2010Talk 17:02, 12 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Hi Davey2010, It doesn't meet the exact definition for edit warring, as it is vandalism and so should definitely be reverted, but entertaining him by reverting constantly actually makes the situation worse, by flooding the history and recent changes with his attacks that are very often eligible for RevDel and occasionally oversight. If it is left until he is blocked at least (per w:WP:BRI), there's nothing for him to do. But when he's reverted, it's a new roll of the dice for whether he'll decide to just revert back or produce an edit summary attacking editors, imo. Thanks, --Ferien (talk) 17:07, 12 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
Hi Ferien, So much I wanna say but per BEANS I'll keep hush, Your idea's a good one and one I will follow, Thank you for explaining that - it actually makes sense now you've explained it :), Many thanks, Warm regards, –Davey2010Talk 17:34, 12 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
On a related topic, I would like to hear if you have any recommendations in light of this conversation on Meta-Wiki: meta:User talk:EPIC#SRG abuse filter. If not, that's fine. Kk.urban (talk) 17:38, 12 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
Feel free to email me if necessary. Kk.urban (talk) 17:39, 12 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
Hi Kk.urban, this is probably somewhere where my personal views differ slightly from the steward team, in that it can be useful to block the IPs he uses in almost all cases, as long as it was used within the last few hours. Unless he's found some magical teleportation machine to travel between continents (surprised that's not one of his claims yet), the IPs he uses are almost definitely P2P proxies and there have been instances in the past where he's used the same IP a few days later. So generally, I prefer to block these IPs for about a week at a time, as they can either be used again a few days after or just go back to not being proxies. From a steward POV though, it is often quite difficult to block every IP GRP has been using (usually only on a single wiki), and when SRG is backlogged, reports can very easily become stale. They encourage IRC reports for that reason, to ping active stewards, although I disagree with that because all SRG reports are logged on IRC anyway, and using IRC shouldn't be a requirement. If a steward is active at the time, like EPIC was in this situation, then reports aren't needed as they are watching our wiki and helping out for us. I hope this answers your question. --Ferien (talk) 18:35, 12 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

PP Request change

Hi @Ferien, Can you protect all of my userpages? Thankyou (: DIVINE (talk) 17:39, 12 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

DIVINE   Done :) --Ferien (talk) 18:19, 12 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Wikipedia translation of the week: 2024-20 change

Tech News: 2024-20 change

MediaWiki message delivery 23:59, 13 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Wikipedia translation of the week: 2024-21 change

Tech News: 2024-21 change

MediaWiki message delivery 23:04, 20 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Wikipedia translation of the week: 2024-22 change

Tech News: 2024-22 change

MediaWiki message delivery 00:15, 28 May 2024 (UTC)Reply