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The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is an American public broadcaster and non-commercial, free-to-air television network based in Crystal City, Virginia. PBS is a publicly funded nonprofit organization and the most prominent provider of educational programs to public television stations in the United States.

Public Broadcasting Service
United States
  • Nationwide U.S.
  • Southern Canada
  • Northern Mexico (OTA only)
FoundedNovember 3, 1969 (54 years ago) (1969-11-03)
HeadquartersCrystal City, Arlington, Virginia, U.S.
OwnerUnited States federal government
Key people
Launch date
October 5, 1970 (53 years ago) (1970-10-05)
Picture format
AffiliatesList of member stations
Official website
ReplacedNational Educational Television (1952–1970)
SubsidiaryNational Datacast

PBS Stations


Student Reporting Labs


PBS Student Reporting Labs (SRL) is an educational program operated by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the United States.[6] It aims to engage and connect high school students with public media stations to develop journalism skills. Its Student Advisory Team (SAT) includes notable students across the United States, including Mark Leschinsky and others.


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