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The Kurdish language (Kurdish: Kurdî) is an Indo-European language spoken by the Kurds in an area called Kurdistan, including parts of the countries Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey.[5] Kurdish has two main dialects and many subs dialects. The two main ones are Kurmanji and Sorani. Kurdish belongs to the same language group as the Iranian languages. Another well-known Iranian language is Persian. They are considered Indo-European languages.

كوردی, Kurdî, Kurdí, Кöрди[1]
Native toTurkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Russia
Ethnicity55-60 million Kurds
Native speakers
60 million (2021)[2]
Kurdish Script
Official status
Official language in
 Iraq: status as official language alongside Arabic.
 Iran: constitutional status as a regional language
 Armenia: minority language[3]
 Azerbaijan: minority language in 5 districts[4]
Language codes
ISO 639-1ku
ISO 639-2kur
ISO 639-3kur – inclusive code
Individual codes:
ckb – Sorani
kmr – Kurmanji
sdh – Southern Kurdish
lki – Laki
Linguasphere58-AAA-a (North Kurdish incl. Kurmanji & Kurmanjiki) + 58-AAA-b (Central Kurdish incl. Dimli/Zaza & Gurani) + 58-AAA-c (South Kurdish incl. Kurdi) + Luri dialect


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