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Hello! I am Barras (talkchangesemailblocksprotectsdeletionsmovesrightsrenames) an editor and former admin, oversighter, CheckUser, and bureaucrat here on simple English Wikipedia. I am the owner of the SUL-account named "Barras". I used to be a steward of the Wikimedia Foundation. I've also various other rights across some wikis. More information about my global activity can be found here on Meta.

Feel free to leave me a message or email me with any issues, comments or questions.

Here you can find a statistic about me or you have a look at the simple wiki admin stats. You can find all the 185 articles I created on simple here. Please note that this list only includes articles I started. There are many articles I've greatly expanded, but it is hard to keep a record of them. Furthermore, I've successfully nominated 44 articles to be featured on our Main Page. I've also written and expanded the following pages, so they could become either very good or good articles.

I own quite some books, the most important and useful ones are listed here. If you need any information about something that can probably be found in one of them, just poke me. I might have also some other books, which are probably just not near my desk, but it is always worth asking if you are looking for special information.

Hermann GöringErnst RöhmLudwig van Beethoven
Wernher von BraunJoseph GoebbelsCrater Lake

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