• My name is Angela Kate Maureen Pears; Pears is the last name with which I was born
Angela Kate Maureen
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  • I am a natural redhead; I'm freckled and fair skinned with long and straight hair.
  • My birth place is Rochester, Minnesota, though I was raised in Bettendorf, Iowa until August 2003. I was raised in Bettendorf from July 22, 1986 to August 15, 2003.
  • I prefer ballet flats, Birkenstock shoes, flip flops and Keds canvas oxfords sneakers.
  • I prefer to not smoke/despise when others do so around me.
  • Prefer to not drive. I choose public transportation instead, bus in particular.
  • I'm a pesco/pollo vegeterian; I prefer to eat fish, chicken, dairy, eggs and cheese pizza. I haven't eaten any red meat, pork, gelatin or sausage since July 2000. My sisters became pesco/pollo vegetarians on July 28, 2000. They eat the exact same diet as me.
  • My favorite restaurants are fish places; I also eat at chicken places, such as KFC, Popeyes and Church's Chicken. Furthermore, my pizza places are Pizza Hut, Pizza Ranch and Domino's Pizza. I also eat from Papa John's, Little Caesars, Dairy Queen, Godfather's Pizza, the Long John Silver's places, Chick-fil-A and Captain D's.
  • I highly despise vandalism and personal attacks of any kind and will revert if necessary; I will not tolerate questionable, dubious, legal threat or personal attack-related edits. I will also never tolerate racist, homophobic or violence-associated edits from any Wikipedia users on any article and especially my user talk page.
  • I lived in Iowa City from 2003-2007, and Des Moines, Iowa between 2007-2012. I relocated to Cedar Rapids in December 2012.
  • I have a longtime confidant who became my best friend the year before I graduated Bettendorf High School on June 2, 2001. She was born just over three months before my sisters. I met my longtime confidant through her mother who began babysitting me four months after I turned eight. My best friend turned three two days before Hurricane Bob went across eastern New England. After relocating to Iowa City in August 2003, I didn't see my confidant again until eleven days following Father's Day 2014, which was also eighteen months after relocating into Cedar Rapids. The best friend had relocated to the same city ten months earlier. She later became my girlfriend in March 2015, and remains my girlfriend to this date. She once edited English Wikipedia between Labor Day and Christmas Day 2007, three years before I began editing Wikipedia. Nowadays, my best friend turned girlfriend does not edit Wikipedia except with urgent situations. I never give anybody, including my girlfriend or family members my password, fearing the Wikipedia account with which I edit would be compromised. I will, however, have my account already logged in several months, years or days before I eventually pass away, in which case I have asked my mother or girlfriend to post notices related to my passing away onto the user page or user talk page on Wikipedia.
  • I have twin redhead sisters born in Nov 1988 (eight days before Thanksgiving 1988).


  • I once suffered from severe atypical depression, panic attacks and generalized anxiety condition.
  • Before August 1, 2015, I was strongly neurotic and totally introverted. I was crying rather easily, particularly in extreme stress or when I felt that things just got nowhere. But since August 2015, although I still have some serious concerns for my reputation here on Simple English and regular English Wikipedias, mostly I'm far stronger, more resilient, more caring (about certain things), much bolder (though I'm not reckless), more concerned and more vigilant.
  • I have serious learning troubles.
  • I have very strong fear of vomiting and fear doing so, public or home. I haven't vomited since June 22, 1991.
  • I was diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes on Sep 26, 2014. I originally thought I had latent autoimmune diabetes of adults. It was type 2 diabetes, even though I was never overweight and never obese. I reversed the diabetes within just thirty-two months, and it's been in remission since.


Planning ahead, Wikipedia death plan

Whenever I die someday sooner or later, I want my account on all the Wikimedia Foundation sites globally locked forever so other Wikipedia editors cannot access my account and use it for vandalism or dubious/questionable editing. My reputation and legacy are really important; I cannot have my operating account compromised while I'm alive or dead. Please make sure my main user and user talk pages are preserved in my very memory when I'm deceased in the future.

My longtime confidant/girlfriend and my family prefer being cremated rather than buried, knowing if we were the latter, while the family's bodies decompose, maggots would eat that decomposing flesh, gathering in very large groups over our deceased bodies. Cremation, on the other hand, makes that way less likely and close to impossible. My longtime confidant girlfriend and I prefer that our ashes be scattered over Cedar Rapids. My mother has the same preference. My sisters prefer their ashes scattered over the Iowa City Region.

After I die, I want my reputation to be preserved as strong, resilient, bold (not reckless), caring, loving and helpful to Wikipedia. That means when I die someday, I prefer email by which I'm associated disabled so nobody else can compromise it, all versions of my talk page semi-protected for keeping sock puppets, named vandals and unregistered users from interfering with what's on those pages (users' and talk pages). Upon my death, either mother, sisters or longtime confidant/girlfriend will let everybody know on these Wikipedia website areas with which I'm familiar, connected and an editor.