letter of the Latin alphabet

W is the twenty-third (number 23) letter in the Latin alphabet and a ligature of two letter U's or V's. It is the only letter with three syllables. W is pronounced "dubbel-yoo",[note 1] "dubbel-vee" or "ooh" or simply "dubbel", "dub-yoo", "dub-vee" or "dub". It is sometimes considered a vowel. In words like away, what, write and women, W is a consonant. In words like draw, few, low and cwm, it is a vowel. Sometimes, W takes the form of the digraph Uu or Vv.

W w
Writing D'Nealian cursive forms of W as used in the US
Writing systemLatin script
TypeAlphabetic and Logographic
Unicode valueU+0057, U+0077
Alphabetical position23
Time period~600 to present
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