state in the Northeast Region of Brazil

Alagoas is a small coastal state in the Northeast Region of Brazil. Its capital city is Maceió, where tourism industry is one of the basis for the local economy. Other important cities in Alagoas are Arapiraca, Palmeira dos Índios, Penedo, Marechal Deodoro, and Maragogi. The state has a total of 101 cities.

State of Alagoas
Flag of State of Alagoas
Coat of arms of State of Alagoas
Location of State of Alagoas in Brazil
Location of State of Alagoas in Brazil
Coordinates: 9°28′40″S 35°51′10″W / 9.47778°S 35.85278°W / -9.47778; -35.85278
Country Brazil
Capital and Largest CityMaceió
 • GovernorTeotônio Brandão Vilela Filho (PSDB)
 • Vice GovernorJosé Thomaz Nonô
 • Total27,767.661 km2 (10,721.154 sq mi)
 • Rank25th
 (2010 census)[1]
 • Total3,120,922
 • Rank16th
 • Density110/km2 (290/sq mi)
  • Rank4th
 • Year2006 estimate
 • TotalR$ 15,753,000,000 (20th)
 • Per capitaR$ 5,164 (25th)
 • Year2005
 • Category0.677 – high (27th)
Time zoneUTC-3 (BRT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-2 (BRST)
Postal Code
57000-000 to 57990-000
ISO 3166 codeBR-AL

Alagoas' coastline has several beaches with coconut trees. Many of the beaches have calm water, because they are sheltered by the Atlantic Ocean sand banks and coral reefs. The state was named after some lagoons along the ocean coast.

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  1. Censo 2010: população do Brasil é de 190.732.694 pessoas

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