state in the North Region of Brazil

Roraima is one of the states of Brazil. It is in the northern part of the country. It shares borders with the states of Pará and Amazonas, as well as the countries Venezuela and Guyana. Roraima is both the northernmost and least populated state of Brazil.

State of Roraima
Flag of State of Roraima
Coat of arms of State of Roraima
Location of State of Roraima in Brazil
Location of State of Roraima in Brazil
Coordinates: 2°3′N 61°24′W / 2.050°N 61.400°W / 2.050; -61.400
Country Brazil
Capital and Largest CityBoa Vista
 • GovernorJosé de Anchieta Júnior
 • Total224,298.98 km2 (86,602.32 sq mi)
 • Rank14th
 • Total469,524
 • Rank27th
 • Density2.1/km2 (5.4/sq mi)
  • Rank27th
 • Year2006 estimate
 • TotalR$ 3,660,000,000 (27th)
 • Per capitaR$ 9,075 (13th)
 • Year2005
 • Category0.750 – medium (18th)
Time zoneUTC-4 (BRT-1)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-3 (BRST-1)
Postal Code
69300-000 to 69399-000
ISO 3166 codeBR-RR

Geography change

The climate is tropical with an average temperature of 26 °C. Most of the state is in the Amazon rainforest. A small part of the state is a small strip of savanna to the east. The state has many mineral deposits - especially gold, diamonds, cassiterite, bauxite and copper. These create constant fights with the native people. The Yanomami are the most well-known of the native people, but they are greatly out-numbered by the Macuxi.

The Monte Roraima National Park is near one of the highest mountains of Brazil, the 9220 ft (2727 m) high table-top Mount Roraima.

History change

In 1943, the federal government separated the area from the state Amazonas. The territory was first named Rio Branco after the main river. In 1962, it was renamed "Roraima." In 1988, it became a state. The name of the state was taken from Monte Roraima, whose name comes from the Pemon words roroi (cyan) and ma (large).

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