region of EU countries using the Euro

The Eurozone (also called Euro area or Euroland) is the set of countries in the European Union which have adopted the Euro (€) currency. The European Central Bank is responsible for managing the supply of money within the eurozone and political decisions are taken by the "euro group", which is a meeting of the politicians from each euro country in charge of that country's economy.

  EU Eurozone (20)
  EU states obliged to join the Eurozone (6)
  EU states with an opt-out on Eurozone participation (1)
  States outside the EU with issuing rights (4)
  Other non-EU users of euro (2)

EU members that are not part of the Eurozone are Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania.

Official members


There are 20 members in the Eurozone

Made the area on 1 January 1999
1 Austria
2 Belgium
3 Finland
4 France
5 Germany
6 Ireland
7 Italy
8 Luxembourg
9 Netherlands
10 Portugal
11 Spain

Joined on 1 January 2001
12 Greece

Joined on 1 January 2006
13 Slovenia

Joined on 1 January 2008
14 Cyprus
15 Malta

Joined on 1 January 2009
16 Slovakia

Joined on 1 January 2011
17 Estonia

Joined on 1 January 2014
18 Latvia

Joined on 1 January 2015
19 Lithuania

Joined on 1 January 2023
20 Croatia

There are other countries outside the European Union which use the euro as well, but these are not officially in the eurozone.

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