French Revolutionary Wars

series of major conflicts fought between the French Republic and several European monarchies from 1792 to 1802

The French Revolutionary Wars consisted of conflicts between 1792 and 1802; there was fighting between French Revolutionary government and several European states. French Revolutionary Armies, with revolutionary fervor and military innovations, defeated a number of opposing coalitions. They expanded French control into the Low Countries, Italy and the Rhineland. There was also fighting in Egypt and on the high seas. These wars involved huge numbers of soldiers because the French used modern mass conscription.

France was at war with Great Britain constantly from 1793 until 1802, and other countries joined Britain in the wars of First Coalition (1792 to 1797) and Second (1798 to 1801). Hostilities ceased with the Treaty of Amiens 1802, though conflicts soon flared up again with the Napoleonic War.