HBO Asia

Singapore-based broadcast network owned by HBO

HBO Asia is a television network in Asia. It is a franchise of HBO. HBO Asia is now a joint venture of media giants Viacom (25%) and Time Warner (75%). Sony Pictures Entertainment and Universal Studios exited the fifteen year-old HBO Asia premium movie joint venture on January 16, 2008.

HBO Asia
Broadcast areaAsia
Slogan • "Simply The Best" (1992–2009)
 • "It's Not TV, It's HBO" (from 2009)
Headquarters151 Lorong Chuan, New Tech Park 04-05, Singapore
Picture format480i (SDTV )
1080i (HDTV)
OwnerHome Box Office
(Warner Bros. Discovery International)
Sister channelsMAX Asia, HBO HiTS, HBO Signature Asia, HBO Family Asia, HBO On Demand Asia and HBO HD Asia
Launched1 January 1992
SkyCable (Philippines)Channel 54
(HBO Asia),
Channel 100
Channel 101
(HBO Signature),
Channel 102
(HBO Family),
Channel 166
(HBO HD Asia)
Global Destiny (Philippines)Channel 37 (HBO Asia)
StarHub TV (Singapore)Channel 601 (HBO Asia), Channel 602 (HBO On Demand), Channel 603 (HBO Signature), Channel 604 (HBO Family), Channel 605 (HBO HiTS), Channel 655 (HBO HD Asia)
First Media (Indonesia)Channel 285 (HBO Asia), Channel 286 (HBO Signature), Channel 287 (HBO HiTS), Channel 288 (HBO Family)
TrueVisions (Thailand)Channel 43 (HBO Asia), Channel 112 (HBO HD), Channel 155 (HBO Signature), Channel 156 (HBO Family), Channel 157 (HBO HiTS)
United Communication Service (Bangladesh)Channel 31 (HBO Asia), Channel 54 (HBO India)
HCaTV (Vietnam)Channel 20
Tay Do CaTV (Vietnam)Channel 03
Parasat Cable TV (Philippines)Channel 43
Tata Sky (India)Channel 347
Astro (Malaysia)Channel 411 (HBO Asia), Channel 431 (HBO HD Asia), Channel 414 (HDO Signature)
Indovision (Indonesia)Channel 6 (HBO Signature), Channel 7 (HBO Asia), Channel 9 (HBO Family), Channel 10 (HBO HiTS), Channel 21 (Screen Red)
Okevision (Indonesia)Channel 1 (HBO Asia), Channel 2 (HBO Signature), Channel 3 (HBO HiTS), Channel 4 (HBO Family)
TelkomVision (Indonesia)Channel ???
TrueVisions (Thailand)Channel 43 (HBO Asia), Channel 112 (HBO HD), Channel 155 (HBO Signature), Channel 156 (HBO Family), Channel 157 (HBO HiTS)
DialogTV (Sri Lanka)Channel 4
Cignal Digital TV (Philippines)Channel 36 (HBO Asia), Channel 50 (HBO HD Asia)
HBO Ary digital (Pakistan)Channel 10

History change

Launched in 1992, Singapore-based HBO Asia is a commercial-free 24-hour subscription movie channel. It also offers some original movies and series that are produced by the Emmy and Golden Globe award winning American channel, HBO.

HBO Asia has five channels under its multi-channel strategy (HBO, HBO Signature, HBO HiTS, HBO Family and Max). HBO launched its first subscription Video-On-Demand service, HBO On Demand, in Hong Kong, it was launched in Singapore a year later.

HBO recently launched its first regional HD channel, HBO HD, in Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines,Thailand and Malaysia. HBO is available in twenty-two countries throughout Asia and has closed-captioned subtitling in several local languages.

Programming change

HBO Asia has licensing deals with two major Hollywood conglomerates and their film studios: Time Warner (Warner Bros. Pictures; New Line Cinema, HBO Films, Castle Rock Entertainment; Warner Independent Pictures, Franchise Pictures) and Viacom (Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks; Paramount Vantage). It also licenses movies from Columbia Pictures and many independent distributors such as Village Roadshow Pictures, Morgan Creek, Screen Gems and Universal Studios

  • A new movie is usually premiered on Sunday night at 9pm. After the premiere, it will be aired many times in the next seven days.
  • HBO Central is a monthly program giving information about which movies and series will be shown in the coming month, including Hollywood gossip and behind-the-scenes tidbits.

Channels change

Network Description Website
HBO HiTS Asia Shows hits and blockbuster films Official Site Archived 2013-08-12 at the Wayback Machine
HBO Family Asia Shows family oriented films Official Site Archived 2007-08-13 at the Wayback Machine
HBO Signature Asia Shows critically acclaimed productions Official Site Archived 2013-08-20 at the Wayback Machine
HBO Shows Hollywood films and HBO Original series Official Site Archived 2013-08-06 at the Wayback Machine
HBO HD Asia Shows Hollywood movies and HBO Originals in superb clear pictures
HBO On Demand Asia Shows the best Hollywood films and outstanding HBO Originals at your control Official Site Archived 2010-02-20 at the Wayback Machine
MAX Asia Shows action and suspense movies Official Site Archived 2006-04-03 at the Wayback Machine
Screen RED HBO Asia's brand new 24-hour, Asian movie channel Official Site Archived 2015-09-13 at the Wayback Machine

The HBO multiplex channels are divided into special packages. In Hong Kong, now TV's package is HBO/MAX PAK Premium while in the Philippines, SkyCable Platinum's package is THE HBO PAK. In Indonesia, First Media's package is HBO MAX PAK In Singapore, StarHub TV's package is called HBO PAK.

Censorship change


Since HBO Asia headquarters is in Singapore, HBO Asia has to follow Singapore Law, which means that cuts have to be made to programs such as "Sex and the City" and "The Sopranos".


The HBO-made series "Entourage" was taken off-air for three weeks by one cable operator in the Philippines pending clearance by MTRCB. The entire series continued to air without disruption on all other Philippines cable operators.


Every movie with content which is considered to oppose or distort the Vietnam War, the Vietnam Communist Party or Communism is replaced by a black screen. In addition, if the Ministry of Culture and Information considers a movie has contents of a serious sexual or horrific nature not conforming with Vietnamese society, it will not be aired.

HBO in South Asia change

India change

HBO Asia airs a separate PAY TV feed with commercial breaks for viewers in South Asia. The channel is labeled as HBO South Asia and often referred to as HBO India since it specifically caters to the Indian market. All movie promos in this beam are according to IST The channel is also available to viewers in Bangladesh and the Maldives. HBO South Asia took over the rights for DreamWorks movies from STAR Movies in June 2008.

Pakistan change

In Pakistan, HBO is available as HBO Pakistan. It is a simulcast of HBO India with slight modifications and running in PST. Diwali ads and other adverts targeted towards India are filtered out in this beam. This beam can also be called the +0.30 version of HBO South Asia since all the programs aired on this beam are aired with a thirty minute delay.

Availability change

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