Turkmen people

Turkic ethnic group native to Central Asia, living mainly in Turkmenistan, northern and northeastern regions of Iran and Afghanistan
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Turkmens are one of the main Turkic ethnic group in Central Asia, mainly in Turkmenistan, ethnic minorities in Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Afghanistan and Iran. They speak Turkmen language of the Turkic languages family. Engagements, marriages, and the circumcision of boys, known as the sünnet parties, are big festivals.

Turkmen people
Turkmen man of Ashgabat wearing a traditional Kalpak hat
Total population
c. 6 million[a]
Regions with significant populations
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan
Iran Iran1,328,585
 Turkey230,000–1 million
Afghanistan Afghanistan200,000
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan152,000
Pakistan Pakistan110,000
Russia Russia46,885
Tajikistan Tajikistan15,171
Ukraine Ukraine7,709
 United States3,000
 United Kingdom784
Turkmen language
Mostly Sunni Islam
Related ethnic groups
Other Turkic peoples

The term Turkoman was also used for people who take a Turkish identity and lost there own original Background, as example in the case of the so called Balkan Turkoman Gipsys, a subgroup of the Xoraxane Roma.[1]