Vladimir, Russia

city in the center of European Russia

Vladimir (Russian: Влади́мир, IPA: [vlɐ'dʲimʲɪr] (audio speaker iconlisten)) is a city and the administrative center (capital city) of Vladimir Oblast, Russia. It is on the Klyazma River, 200 kilometers (120 mi) east of Moscow. It is has a railway and the M7 motorway. Its population is 345,373 (2010 Census);[7] 315,954 (2002 Census);[12] 349,702 (1989 Census).[13]

Views of Vladimir
Views of Vladimir
Flag of Vladimir
Coat of arms of Vladimir
Anthem: none[2]
Location of Vladimir
Vladimir is located in Russia
Location of Vladimir
Vladimir is located in Vladimir Oblast
Vladimir (Vladimir Oblast)
Coordinates: 56°07′43″N 40°24′21″E / 56.12861°N 40.40583°E / 56.12861; 40.40583Coordinates: 56°07′43″N 40°24′21″E / 56.12861°N 40.40583°E / 56.12861; 40.40583
Federal subjectVladimir Oblast[3]
First mentioned990
 • BodyCouncil of People's Deputies[4]
 • Head[4]Andrey Shokhin[5]
 • Total124.59 km2 (48.10 sq mi)
150 m (490 ft)
 • Total345,373
 • Estimate 
357,024 (+3.4%)
 • Rank51st in 2010
 • Density2,800/km2 (7,200/sq mi)
 • Subordinated toCity of Vladimir[3]
 • Capital ofVladimir Oblast[3], City of Vladimir[3]
 • Urban okrugVladimir Urban Okrug[9]
 • Capital ofVladimir Urban Okrug[9]
Time zoneUTC+3 (MSK Edit this on Wikidata[10])
Postal code(s)[11]
600000, 600001, 600003, 600005–600009, 600014–600018, 600020–600028, 600031–600033, 600035–600038, 600700, 600950, 600960, 600970, 600980, 600999, 992800
Dialing code(s)+7 4922
OKTMO ID17701000001
City DayThe first Sunday of September
Twin townsÚstí nad Labem, Saintes, Erlangen, Campobasso, Chongqing, Kerava, Antalya, Anghiari, Bloomington–Normal, Illinois, Canterbury, Jelenia Góra, Kardzhali, Sarasota, Yuzhong DistrictEdit this on Wikidata

Economy and militaryEdit

Vladimir is home to many electrical and chemical factories, several food processing plants and two large thermal power stations.

The headquarters of the 27th Guards Rocket Army of the Strategic Missile Troops is in the city. During the Cold War, Vladimir was host to the Dobrynskoye air force base.

Twin towns – sister citiesEdit

Vladimir is twinned with:[14]

Former twin towns, removed in 2022 due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine


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