1884 United States presidential election

25th quadrennial U.S. presidential election

The 1884 United States presidential election was the 25th election in the history of the United States. It occurred on November 4, 1884. This election was between Governor Grover Cleveland of New York and former Secretary of State James G. Blaine of Maine. Cleveland won the election with 219 electoral votes. Blaine got only 182 electoral votes.

1884 United States presidential election

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401 members of the Electoral College
201 electoral votes needed to win
Turnout77.5%[1] Decrease 0.5 pp
Nominee Grover Cleveland James G. Blaine
Party Democratic Republican
Home state New York Maine
Running mate Thomas A. Hendricks John A. Logan
Electoral vote 219 182
States carried 20 18
Popular vote 4,914,482 4,856,905
Percentage 48.8% 48.3%

Presidential election results map. Blue denotes those won by Cleveland/Hendricks, red denotes states won by Blaine/Logan. Numbers indicate the number of electoral votes allotted to each state.

President before election

Chester A. Arthur

Elected President

Grover Cleveland

Candidates change

Republican Party change

Presidential change

Declined to contest change

Vice-Presidential change

  • John A. Logan, Senator from Illinois (1871-1877; 1879-1886) (Vice-Presidential Nominee)
  • Walter Q. Gresham, Postmaster General from Indiana (1893-1894)
  • Joseph B. Foraker, Unsuccessful Republican Candidate in the 1883 Ohio Gubernational Election (Later served as Governor of Ohio from 1886-1890 and as Senator of Ohio from 1897-1909)

Democratic Party change

Presidential change

Vice-Presidential change

  • Thomas A. Hendricks, Former Governor of Indiana (1873-1877) (Vice-Presidential Nominee) (1876 Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee)

Withdrawn candidates change

References change

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