Polish Americans

Americans with Polish background
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A Polish American is a citizen of the United States with ancestors from Poland. There have been Polish people living in North America since the earlier 1600s.[3] Many live in the city of Chicago, which has more Polish people than any city in the world other than Warsaw, Poland.[4]

Polish Americans
Polonia amerykańska
Total population
U.S. Estimate, 2018, self-reported[1]
Around 2.83% of the U.S. population
Regions with significant populations
Northeast (New York · New Jersey · Pennsylvania · Maryland · Connecticut · Massachusetts)
Midwest (Michigan · Illinois · Wisconsin · Ohio · Minnesota · Indiana · North Dakota)
English (American English dialects), Polish
Predominantly Roman Catholicism · Lutheranism · Judaism[2]
Related ethnic groups
Polish diaspora, Polish Canadians, Polish Jews, other West Slavic Americans (Czech Americans, Kashubian Americans, Silesian Americans, Slovak Americans and Sorbian Americans)

Most Polish immigrants are Catholic or practice Judaism.


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