U.S. Route 400

U.S. Numbered Highway in Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri in the United States

U.S. Route 400 (US 400) is a 481.306-mile-long (774.587 km) mostly east–west U.S. Highway. It was created in 1994. The highway's western endpoint is in Granada, Colorado, at an intersection with US 385. The highway's eastern endpoint is southwest of Joplin, Missouri, near Loma Linda, at an interchange with Interstate 44. It originally ended in Garden City, Kansas; in 1996 it was made longer to its current western endpoint. Its route number does not follow the usual AASHTO numbering scheme, as there is no "parent" US 0.

U.S. Route 400 marker

U.S. Route 400

Route information
Length481.306 mi[a] (774.587 km)
HistoryExtended west in 1996[source?]
Major junctions
West end US 50 / US 385 in Granada, CO
Major intersections
East end I-44 / US 166 near Joplin, MO
CountryUnited States
StatesColorado, Kansas, Missouri
Highway system
Colorado State Highways
  • Kansas State Highway System
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SH 394 CO SH 402
K-383 KS I-435

Route description change

Colorado change

US 400 begins in Granada at an intersection with US 385. It then goes along with US 50 through Holly east to the Kansas border.

Kansas change

US-400 and US-50 enter Kansas west of Coolidge. They go together through Garden City, where it intersects US-83. They separate at Dodge City. This is where it intersects US-56 and US-283. It goes southeast from Dodge City and first intersects US-54 at Mullinville.

US-400 and US-54 start going together at Mullinville. This goes through Greensburg, Pratt and Kingman before going into Wichita. While in Wichita, US-400 and US-54 intersect Interstate 235. It goes along with US-81 and Interstate 135. K-96 provides a short freeway connection to Interstate 35, which is also the Kansas Turnpike. At Augusta, US-400 and US-54 goes along with US-77. US-400 separates at Haverhill.

US 400/54 a few miles west of Pratt, Kansas.

US-400 goes east through several small towns before turning southeast to go through the Fredonia area. It intersect US-75 at Neodesha. After going along with US-75, it turns east. It intersects U.S. Route 169 near Morehead and then US-59 near Parsons. Then it intersects US-69 south of Pittsburg. It then turns south with US-69. At Crestline, it follows US-69A south to Riverton. US-400 then turns east with US-166 at Baxter Springs. The two highways go eastward into Missouri.

Missouri change

US 400, along with US 166, ends at I-44 about one mile (1.6 km) east of the Kansas-Missouri state line. It is three miles (5 km) west of Joplin.

Major intersections change

ColoradoProwersGranada0.0000.000   US 50 west / US 385  – Lamar, Cheyenne Wells, Sand Creek Massacre National Historic SiteWestern terminus; western end of US 50 overlap; highway continues as US 50 west (Goff Avenue west)
Holly10.73717.280  SH 89 (First Avenue)  – Lycan
ColoradoKansas line
KansasHamiltonSyracuse16.09425.901  K-27 north (McDow Street)  – TribuneWestern end of concurrency with K-27
16.62426.754  K-27 south (Main Street)  – Johnson CityEastern end of concurrency with K-27
KearnyLakin43.96570.755  K-25 (Main Street)  – Ulysses, Leoti
FinneyHolcomb59.84896.316Big Lowe Road – HolcombDiamond interchange
Garden City65.848105.972  
US-83 north / US-50 Bus. east / US-83 Bus. south  – Garden City, Scott City
Diamond interchange; western end of concurrency with US-83
69.618112.039  K-156 (Kansas Avenue)Module:Jct warning: "road" parameter is deprecatedPair of half-diamond interchanges with one-way ramps connecting Mary Street and K-156
US-83 south / US-50 Bus. west (Fulton Street)  – Garden City, Liberal
Partial cloverleaf interchange; eastern end of concurrency with US-83
GrayCimarron102.427164.840  K-23 (Main Street)  – Meade, Dighton
Ford116.681187.780  US-50 east  – Dodge CityEastern end of US-50 overlap
119.852192.883  US-56 west  – SubletteWestern end of US-56 overlap
123.395198.585  US-283 south  – Minneola, Boot Hill, Front StreetWestern end of US-283 overlap
Dodge City126.825204.105   US-56 east / US-283 north  – Jetmore, KinsleyEastern end of US-56/US-283 overlap
147.625237.579  K-34 south  – Bucklin
Kiowa160.797258.778  US-54 west  – MeadeInterchange; western end of US-54 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
167.767269.995  US-183  – Kinsley, Coldwater
PrattPratt199.963321.809  US-281  – St. John, Medicine Lodge, Airport
201.236323.858  K-61 north  – Hutchinson, Pratt Community College
Kingman217.105349.397170th Avenue – CunninghamInterchange
230.329370.679  K-11 north  – HutchinsonFormer K-14 north
Kingman234.554377.478  K-14 south (North Main Street)  – Anthony, Business District, AirportWestern end of K-14 overlap
238.301383.50840th AvenueInterchange; western end of freeway
239.009384.64870th Avenue
244.713393.827  K-14 north (100th Avenue)  – Hutchinson, MurdockEastern end of K-14 overlap; former K-17
249.778401.979Mt. Vernon
Sedgwick252.769406.792  K-251 (391st Street West)
253.769408.402383rd Street West
255.819411.701343rd Street West
258.820416.530Garden PlainInterchange; eastern end of freeway; former K-163
Wichita270.840435.875Maize RoadInterchange; western end of freeway
271.840437.484Tyler Road
272.829439.076Ridge Road – Eisenhower National Airport
273.838440.700Dugan RoadNo direct eastbound exit (signed at Ridge Road)
274.303441.448  I-235I-235 exit 7
274.840442.312West Street
Edwards Street / Meridian AvenueAccess to Southwest Boulevard (former K-42)
Seneca Street / Sycamore Street
253.789408.434Central Business District
278.459448.136Washington Avenue
279.205449.337    I-135 / US-81 / K-15  – Salina, Oklahoma CityI-135 exits 5B-6A
Grove StreetWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
Hillside Street
Oliver Avenue / Edgemoor Street
Woodlawn BoulevardWestbound access via Towne East Drive/Armour Drive
Towne East Drive / Armour Drive
285.943460.181Rock RoadEastbound access via Towne East Drive/Armour Drive
   I-35 / Kansas Turnpike  – Oklahoma City, Kansas CityI-35/Kansas Tpke. exit 50
286.017460.300Webb RoadUnder construction
Greenwich RoadUnder construction
Zelta Road / 127th Street EastUnder construction
286.172460.549    K-96 west to I-35 / Kansas Turnpike  – HutchinsonInterchange; future eastern end of freeway
ButlerAugusta297.431478.669  US-77 south (Walnut Street)  – Douglass, WinfieldWestern end of US-77 overlap
302.952487.554Haverhill, SmileybergInterchange
305.143491.080   US-54 east / US-77 north  – El DoradoPartial interchange; westbound access via connector road; eastern end of US-54/US-77 overlap
Greenwood338.268544.390  K-99 south  – HowardWestern end of K-99 overlap
339.315546.075  K-99 north  – EmporiaEastern end of K-99 overlap
Wilson358.104576.313  K-39 east  – Chanute, Toronto Lake, Cross Timbers State Park
Fredonia366.496589.818  K-47  – Altoona, FredoniaRoundabout
377.295607.197  US-75 north  – NeodeshaInterchange; western end of US-75 overlap
Montgomery381.326613.685  US-75 south  – IndependenceInterchange; eastern end of US-75 overlap
390.527628.492  US-169  – Chanute, CoffeyvilleInterchange
LabetteParsons406.061653.492  US-59  – Parsons, ErieInterchange
county line
420.172676.201  K-126 east  – McCune
Cherokee430.148692.256  K-7  – Girard, Columbus
437.128703.489    US-69 north / US-160 / K-171 east  – Joplin, PittsburgWestern end of US-69/US-160 overlap
Cherokee439.095706.655  K-103 west  – Weir
   US-69 Alt. begins / US-69 south / US-160  – Columbus
Eastern end of US-69/US-160 overlap; western end of US-69 Alt. overlap; former K-96
455.507733.067  K-66 east  – GalenaModule:Jct warning: "road" parameter is deprecatedRoundabout
US-69 Alt. south  – Baxter Springs
Eastern end of US-69 Alt. overlap
460.350740.862  US-166 west  – Baxter SpringsWestern end of US-166 overlap
462.251743.921  K-26 north  – Galena
KansasMissouri line
MissouriNewton0.9361.506   US 166 ends / I-44  – Springfield, TulsaEastern terminus; I-44 exit 1; eastern end of US 166 overlap; eastbound access to S. Outer Road
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Notes change

  1. Total mileage is a summation of the state mileages.[1][2][3]
  2. Mileposts reset at state line crossings.[1][2][3]

References change

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