Sockpuppetry disclosure (DMK-C5)


I'm Dibyojyoti Roy Chowdhury, and I disclosed my previous accounts, which are used against the violation of Wikipedia rules and procedures, as follows:

  1. NS Dibyojyoti (Main)
  3. GPReddy360
  4. TTP1233
  5. DMK-C5
  6. Another one I forgot, something starts with Dipankar2005.. or what I don't know.

This is my only legitimate account, as I forgot/reset the password of other accounts that I can't access it anymore. I promise not to edit English Wikipedia until my request of unblock at Arbitration Committee is granted. Also If I fail to abide by the rules, the actions will later be taken by the admin and I wouldn't have right to edit here.

My decision in this regard are final and binding.

--DRC-B5 (talk) 05:14, 12 October 2022 (UTC)Reply

Tagging @Operator873, @Auntof6, @Ferien for recognition. DRC-B5 (talk) 05:15, 12 October 2022 (UTC)Reply
Thank you very much for the disclosure. We'll monitor your behavior on this project in anticipation of seeing you reintegrate into the community. Operator873 connect 05:41, 12 October 2022 (UTC)Reply
Note:- An edit is been made in order to mean the content of the disclosure.-- Dibyojyotilet's chat 16:33, 13 October 2022 (UTC)Reply



I have given you rollback on this account, as you had it on your two other accounts here and there have not been any problems in the past with you having rollback. While you have recently been unblocked, I trust that you will use it appropriately. Please be aware that "one strike" will continue to apply to you and abuse of rollback could result in the reblocking of your account. Thanks, --Ferien (talk) 17:50, 12 October 2022 (UTC)Reply

Don't worry @Ferien, I will keep that in mind. Dibyojyotilet's chat 02:22, 13 October 2022 (UTC)Reply



I reverted your edit on Jana Gana Mana because you reverted me even though I didn't vandalise. 2001:8004:44E0:8CBD:58A5:6879:307C:FF88 (talk) 10:50, 15 October 2022 (UTC)Reply

@2001:8004:44E0:8CBD:58A5:6879:307C:FF88, please explain why is it necessary for adding local languages. Dibyojyotilet's chat 10:54, 15 October 2022 (UTC)Reply




These related templates all have shortcuts that are redirected, in order to save space. Press also each template in Module:Adjacent stations where shortcuts have been made for each template by User:Djsasso. (The shortcut for each template is seen on the right.) If erased, the template will not work.

Yours sincerely, (talk) 15:07, 28 December 2022 (UTC)Reply

Hello anonymous @, thank you for the clarification. But I still having doubt (less), whether to keep or to delete. Let's see what admin takes. Dibyojyotilet's chat 15:21, 28 December 2022 (UTC)Reply
Hello anonymous @, thank you for the clarification. But I still having doubt (less), whether to keep or to delete. Let's see what admin takes. Dibyojyotilet's chat 15:22, 28 December 2022 (UTC)Reply
I declined the QD request for two reasons. First, "The title is meaningless of what "adjacent" we are referring to" is not a valid QD reason. When requesting a quick deletion, the reason has to be one of the reasons listed at WP:QD.
Second, enwiki has had the same redirect since 2018, and I think it's reasonable. -- Auntof6 (talk) 19:56, 28 December 2022 (UTC)Reply

Hmm now logical. Thanks for your clarification @Auntof6: as I was unsure about the module. Dibyojyotilet's chat 04:57, 29 December 2022 (UTC)Reply



hello i recently added new content on the page Davide Lo Surdo adding his performance on bengali television channel with notable source, plus has been added that he performed in brazil at anhembi sambadrome (capacity of 103,200 people).

i read the notability criterias and one of them says “Has performed music for a work of media that is notable, e.g. a theme for a network television show, performance in a television show or notable movie”. since he performed for dbc news (notable tv program, it has also a page on en wiki), it should be notable.

could you kindly see it and tell me if now meets the notability criteria?

thanks in advance and god bless you and your family (talk) 01:23, 8 January 2023 (UTC)Reply

I will see that later. Thanks for your question. Dibyojyotilet's chat 02:21, 8 January 2023 (UTC)Reply
hello, thank you. did you have the chance to see the page? i think with the notable television performance meets the notability criteria. waiting your reply
god bless you (talk) 16:05, 8 January 2023 (UTC)Reply
I will make my consent on RFD soon. Dibyojyotilet's chat 16:28, 8 January 2023 (UTC)Reply

Kamnath Mahadev


Kamanath Mahadev Temple should not be removed Jelasa Eding (talk) 12:14, 11 January 2023 (UTC)Reply

Sorry @Jelasa Eding, but I can't do that, and you must read the reason why it is nominated for deletion. Only an admin may decide to keep or delete the page. Thanks. Dibyojyotilet's chat 12:17, 11 January 2023 (UTC)Reply

Who is the admin? Jelasa Eding (talk) 12:18, 11 January 2023 (UTC)Reply

uhhh.. check the Wikipedia:Administrators#List of administrators, @Jelasa Eding Dibyojyotilet's chat 12:23, 11 January 2023 (UTC)Reply

User page sanitized...


Hello DRC-B5,

I have sanitzed your user page a little. I have removed some information which might turn out to be a problem, if it had stayed there. I have also hidden the respective changes. Please have a look and cross-check that I haven't messed up the layout.

Sorry for directly editing the page. Eptalon (talk) 19:11, 15 January 2023 (UTC)Reply

Nuhh your'e welcome for that @Eptalon. Just keep the top paragraph intact because of the sock-issue to let everyone know. Thanks Dibyojyotilet's chat 01:22, 16 January 2023 (UTC)Reply

GA VGA has changed


Hi, you commented on or edited one or more articles that are up for GA VGA review. The system now requires !votes within a shorter period of time, which has already elapsed, but seems there is a bit of a grace period. Without at least five editors voting (up or down), no articles can be promoted. Please have a look here [1]. Thank you, Gotanda (talk) 00:14, 11 April 2023 (UTC)Reply

@Gotanda thanks for the advance reminder. In future I will keep in my mind. However I will be busy for few months so I may not edit for a while. So apologies to the community. Dibyojyotilet's chat 17:06, 11 April 2023 (UTC)Reply

Checking in


Hi there, it's been a while since I last saw you active here. I hope everything is going well, and I wish you a happy new year. — *Fehufangą✉ Talk page 14:12, 29 December 2023 (UTC)Reply