1997 Canadian children's animated television series

Caillou is an Canadian children's animated television series based on a series of books of the same name by writerChristine L'Heureux and illustrator Hélène Desputeaux.[1][2] Caillou was first voiced by Bryn McAuley, then Jaclyn Linetsky. Due to the death of Linetsky in 2003, she was replaced with Annie Bovaird.

Also known asCaillou's New Adventures (revival series)
Created byOriginal series:
Hélène Desputeaux
Christine L'Heureux
Revived series:
Based onOriginal series:
Caillou book series by Hélène Desputeaux
Opening themeI'm Caillou!
Ending themeI'm Caillou! (Insturmental)
Country of originCanada
South Africa
Original language(s)Canadian English
Canadian French
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes92 (list of episodes)
Production company(s)Original series
CINAR (Seasons 1-3)
Cookie Jar Entertainment (Seasons 4-5)
Clockwork Zoo (Season 5)
Revival series
DistributorCINAR (1997-2003)
Cookie Jar Entertainment (2006-2011) (Original series)
WildBrain (Revival series)
Original networkOriginal series:
Télétoon (Seasons 1-4, French)
Teletoon (Seasons 1-4, English)
Treehouse TV (Season 5)
Revived series:
Audio formatOriginal series:
Dolby Surround
Revived series:
Dolby Digital 5.1
Original releaseOriginal series:
September 15, 1997 (1997-09-15)
September 23, 2010 (2010-09-23)
Revival series:
November 24, 2016 (2016-11-24) –
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About the program change

The seriesis about a young boy named Caillou who lives with his mother Doris, his father Boris, his little sister Rosie and his pet cat Gilbert. Mr. Hinkle lives next door to Caillou's house.

Caillou was 4 years old and wore a white shirt in season 1. Later, he wore a yellow shirt in season 2, 3, 4, anc 5. In season 4 and 5, Caillou started going to preschool. Many parents have criticized the series, due to Caillou's behavior. The series was given a web series called Caillou's New Adventures in 2016. In July 2022, NBCUniversal announced that Caillou will be revived on Peacock in 2023.

Broadcast airs change

The series originally broadcast on Teletoon in Canada. It also aired on PBS Kids, Sprout and Cartoonito in the United States, The program will also be shown in the upcoming Nick Jr. series Kawaii Club.

Characters change

Major characters change

Caillou change

Caillou (meaning pebble or stone in French), nicknamed by himself The Prince of Imagination,[3] is the title character of the series. Caillou was first voiced by Bryn McAuley from 1997 to 2000, then Jaclyn Linetsky from 2000 to 2003. After Linetsky's death, Annie Bovaird played the role from 2003 to 2011. Caillou was first shown in the episode "Caillou Makes Cookies", which aired in 1997.

Caillou is an imaginative four-year-old[4] boy with a love for forms of transportive machinery such as rocket ships and airplanes. A dreamer, Caillou is inclined to frequent dream sequences in some episodes, visualizing his daydreams and wishes, and many episodes describe his normal daily experiences with his parents, friends, and neighbours. Caillou particularly loves his stuffed dinosaur, Rexy, and teddy bear, Teddy, along with his pet cat Gilbert, all of whom are depicted as puppets in segments featured in the earlier episodes.

Caillou's family change

  • Rosie (French name: Mousseline) – Caillou's lively younger sister who is a typical toddler. She is two years old.[4] She always wants to take part in the same activities as Caillou. In later seasons of the series, she becomes more talkative and independent. She wears a blue dress, red socks and blue Mary Jane shoes. Rosie fights with Caillou for some reasons, but they still love each other. She appears to be the only family member with red hair. Rosie was first voiced by Brigid Tierney (1997-2002), then Jesse Vinet (2002-2011).
  • Doris[4]/Mommy – Caillou's mother. She is a busy homemaker most of the time but is seen to work in an office, as well. Caillou occasionally helps his mother with different chores, and she often takes time to involve Caillou and his friends in activities such as crafts and baking. She is predominantly dressed in a red blouse with yellow trim, blue headband, ankle-length blue jeans and blue shoes with green soles. Voiced by Jennifer Seguin.
  • Boris[4]/Daddy – Caillou's father. He wears a green sweater with a red trim with blue jeans. In the episode "Caillou The Chef" he says he once worked at a restaurant and made pizza.[5] He and Caillou occasionally work on projects around the house together. He is voiced by Pat Fry.
  • Gilbert – Caillou's pet cat. In the puppet segments, he is shown to be knowledgeable about things which are foreign to Rexy and Teddy.
  • Grandma – Caillou's paternal grandmother. Grandma is a very active lady who loves the arts and the outdoors. She passes that love onto Caillou. Grandma often comes up with creative ideas to solve Caillou's problems. She and Caillou paint and go bird-watching together. Voiced by Pauline Little.
  • Grandpa – Caillou's paternal[4] grandfather. He takes Caillou on adventures, often going on walks and riding the bus throughout the town where they reside. In "Caillou's Hiding Place", he showed Caillou a hidden area inside a tree in the backyard.[6] In the episode "Caillou Goes Camping", he and Caillou camp in the backyard. He is Daddy's father and loves to tell stories about when Calliou's father was a little boy. He wears a blue shirt. Voiced by George Morris.

Episodes change

Caillou has a total of five seasons[7] of 92 half-hour episodes,[8] as well as the 73-minute movie Caillou's Holiday Movie.[9]

Caillou series overview
Seasons Episodes Original airdates
Premiere Finale
1 13 September 15, 1997 September 27, 1997
2 20[10] August 26, 2000 September 4, 2000
3 13[11] January 12, 2002 January 24, 2002
4 20[12] April 3, 2006 April 22, 2006
5 26[7] September 11, 2010[13] September 23, 2010

Book series change

The books have been published by Chouette Publishing Inc since 1987. When the first Caillou book of the Caillou book series was made.

Production change

The series was originally broadcast in French in Canada, and the episodes were later translated into English. The original books were also in French, and English. Caillou was designed primarily for toddlers. It was created by child developmental psychologists. On September 15, 1997, 13 30-minute episodes (65 5-minute segments) of Caillou were aired in Canada and in selected markets worldwide, including the United States. On August 26, 2000, there were 20 30-minute episodes of the series, containing a mixture of new stories, and songs. On September 4, 2000, there were 40 30-minute episodes of the program, containing a mixture of the 5-minute segments plus new stories, songs, real kids segments and puppets. This was followed by another 13 30-minute episodes containing all-new stories on January 12, 2002, and another 16 30-minute episodes containing all-new stories on February 10, 2003. The movie Caillou's Holiday Movie was released on October 7, 2003. On April 1, 2006, a new set of 20 episodes finally premiered after a three-year hiatus. Caillou started attending preschool and there were new themes and a new opening. The series was renewed for a first and second season in 2000, and then a second and third season in 2003, and later a fourth and fifth season in 2013. The fifth season was animated by South Africa-based studio Clockwork Zoo.

On November 14, 2012, the fourth season of the series was pre-sold to PBS Kids in the United States.

References change

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