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Queue 1

From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

One of the columns of the Mezquita de Córdoba mosque

  • ... that the Mezquita de Córdoba mosque (pictured) in Spain is supported by over 850 columns?
  • ... that at age 88, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter helped build homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012?
  • ... the first country to make metal coins was called Lydia?
  • ... that the Amazon Rainforest has so much biodiversity that it makes 20% of the world's oxygen, earning it the title "The Lungs of the Earth"?
  • ... that female indentured servants who were raped by their masters and became pregnant would have their contract increased by two years?
  • ... that before becoming "The Unabomber", Ted Kaczynski was a child prodigy and an assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley?
  • Queue 2

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    Portrait of Woodrow Wilson in 1912

  • ... that because of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson (pictured) the League of Nations was founded and he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919?
  • ... that Antarctica is the largest and coldest desert?
  • ... that at age 52, Shinzo Abe was the youngest person elected as prime minister of Japan in its post-war history?
  • ... that sometime during the 17th century, the decorated walking stick replaced the sword carried by aristocrats as a status symbol?
  • ... that in some cultures, women would sometimes be naked until marriage, because people thought they had nothing to hide?
  • ... that even though they were first described in 1839, hamsters were not successfully bred and domesticated until 1939?
  • Queue 3

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    Calling the Roll After An Engagement, Crimea

  • ... that the 1874 military painting Calling the Roll After An Engagement, Crimea (pictured) by Elizabeth Thompson was bought by Queen Victoria?
  • ... that Lichen can live on bare rock, walls, trees, wood, gravestones, and on exposed soil surfaces?
  • ... that Carly Fiorina entered an election for the United States Senate less than a year after surviving breast cancer?
  • ... that Canada was pre-approved to become part of the United States in the Articles of Confederation section 11 without further votes?
  • ... that The Chaos is a poem that shows that in English many words are not pronounced the way they are written?
  • ... that because of his illness with diverticulitis, Tancredo Neves was never inaugurated as President of Brazil and remained as president-elect until his death in 1985?
  • Queue 4

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    Hélène Carrère d'Encausse in 2013

  • ... that even though she was the first woman as the head of the Académie Française, Hélène Carrère d'Encausse (pictured) insisted on using the male form of her title?
  • ... that the Great Barrier Reef, located in Australia, is the world's largest coral reef system and can even be seen from outer space?
  • ... that glam rock musician Marc Bolan, who never learned how to drive a car because of a fear of dying young, died in a car crash at aged 29?
  • ... that the first known dinosaurs were bipedal predators that were one to two metres long?
  • ... that Wikipedia started in early 2001 as a "feeder" website to Nupedia?
  • ... that because of the way they treat women, the infant mortality in Afghanistan has gone up since the Taliban took power in 2021?
  • Queue 5

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    A picture of Venus taken by Mariner 10

  • ... that Venus (pictured) is the hottest planet in the Solar System despite being second from the Sun at an average of 480 °C (896.0 °F)?
  • ... that Guillermo Lasso is the first Ecuadorian president to use muerte cruzada which dissolved the National Assembly to avoid his impeachment?
  • ... that more people died due to World War II than any other war in history at around 73 million?
  • ... that while Orrin Hatch was the U.S. Senator from Utah, he earned USD $10,000 for writing songs for the LDS Church?
  • ... that desert kites were probably used for hunting?
  • ... that in August 2004, a Dave Matthews Band tour bus dropped 800 pounds of human waste into the Chicago River and onto people on a boat below?
  • Queue 6

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    Luisa González in 2022

  • ... that former Assemblywoman Luisa González (pictured) was pepper sprayed by the National Police of Ecuador while on her way to register her presidential candidacy?
  • ... that the lines on the sides of school buses in the United States have an important safety role in the event of an accident?
  • ... that the great white shark has no natural predators other than the killer whale?
  • ... that Joe Biden's visit to Ukraine was the closest a U.S. president had come to a combat zone since Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War?
  • ... that the Vatican City is the smallest country in the world by size, at 0.49 km² and by population, at 764?
  • ... that when YouTuber Markiplier created an OnlyFans account for charity, the site crashed because of the large amount of people visiting the website?
  • Queue 7

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    A chinchilla

  • ... that chinchillas (pictured) spray their own urine and release their fur as a defensive action?
  • ... that in 2023, members of the House of Commons of Canada unknowingly gave a standing ovation to Yaroslav Hunka, a Waffen-SS veteran?
  • ... that The Star-Spangled Banner has four stanzas but usually only the first is sung and is the most well known?
  • ... that Brendan Fraser is the first Canadian to win the Academy Award for Best Actor?
  • ... that the UNICEF photo of the year 2007 showed a 40-year-old Afghan man with his 11-year-old bride?
  • ... that Moses is seen as an important prophet in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Bahá'í Faith and Rastafari?