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Infobox SimplificationEdit

I feel the infobox is way too long on Ninjago (TV series). It includes everyone, including those no longer involved with the series. What would you recommend for this? It takes up the entire article. PDLTalk to me!OMG, What have I done? 17:41, 4 June 2021 (UTC)

Generally my recommendation is to keep infoboxes the same as It is pretty standard to list the people for a show that that box is listing. -Djsasso (talk) 11:14, 10 June 2021 (UTC)

Visual EditorEdit

I am having problems with the Visual Editor on Firefox, how can I find the problem? Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 20:23, 9 June 2021 (UTC)

I guess that depends on what problems you are having. -Djsasso (talk) 11:14, 10 June 2021 (UTC)
It won't scroll, stuck on top of the screen --Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 00:07, 11 June 2021 (UTC)
(talk page stalker) @つがる Have you tried it in other browsers? What behavior do you see? PDLTalk to me!OMG, What have I done? 00:26, 11 June 2021 (UTC)
Nope. I prefer to edit in firefox lol --Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 00:38, 11 June 2021 (UTC)
@つがる Well try it in another browser. Just open a page and see where it is at on the page. A lot of times these are browser specific and I haven’t seen any coding changes yet to it. PDLTalk to me!OMG, What have I done? 00:40, 11 June 2021 (UTC)
Yep, I can use Visual No problem on Chromimum --Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 00:51, 11 June 2021 (UTC)
@つがる So you may want to reset your browser then. But first, do you have any customizations to Firefox or addons that you use or did you just install and use it? PDLTalk to me!OMG, What have I done? 00:54, 11 June 2021 (UTC)
Yea, I've got so many add-ons and themes on my browser, I'm not willing to reset it... --Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 00:58, 11 June 2021 (UTC)
@つがる Ok we’ll start with this article on step 1. Then if that doesn’t work go to step 2. If that doesn’t work then we would need to do a refresh (step 3). PDLTalk to me!OMG, What have I done? 01:01, 11 June 2021 (UTC)
Yea I'll give this a try in a few days when I am not busy :) --Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 04:04, 12 June 2021 (UTC)

Move of CommonsEdit

Hi Djsasso, I noticed on this edit you moved the commons to be under the infobox. I remember somewhere, I cannot find the conversation now, but @Auntof6: had told me if the infobox is longer than the article itself, to put commonscat-inline under other websites if available, if not put it in references. I saw you moved it to under the infobox. Maybe Auntof6 can verify for me because it makes the page longer now. Thanks, PDLTalk to me!OMG, What have I done? 18:37, 14 June 2021 (UTC)

It can certainly be in other websites, but it is not a reference so it should not be under references. Likely whatever it was she said was her opinion, and a completely valid one, I just usually leave it as a box when there are no other external websites to put it with under other websites. -Djsasso (talk) 18:41, 14 June 2021 (UTC)
ok PDLTalk to me!OMG, What have I done? 18:42, 14 June 2021 (UTC)
BTW, I am trying to update the ridership to the 2020 numbers, but I cannot seem to figure out where it is pulling from. Can you tell me where it is pulling the numbers from so I can change it? This is for the NYC subways. Thanks PDLTalk to me!OMG, What have I done? 18:43, 14 June 2021 (UTC)
I can point you to them, however, it isn't possible to just update it for one station, it would require updating it for every station in the New York Subway system. And there are a few templates that would need all their numbers updated. If you are going to sit down and do all of them I can show you where and point you to the excel spreadsheet to do so. But this isn't a quick and easy job, it will likely take you hours. -Djsasso (talk) 18:57, 14 June 2021 (UTC)
I am ok with that. I already have the spreadsheet from MTA for both rail and bus. PDLTalk to me!OMG, What have I done? 18:59, 14 June 2021 (UTC)
Ok so I would update them in this order.
Update these once you are done
OK. Thanks. I will start getting these done. I am going to copy them all to my notepad and update that way I can copy and paste so nothing conflicts or breaks. PDLTalk to me!OMG, What have I done? 21:18, 14 June 2021 (UTC)
It was not my opinion. I got it from en:Wikipedia:Wikimedia_sister_projects#Where_to_place_links, specifically this:

Most box-type templates such as {{Commons}} shown at right should be put at the beginning of the last section of the article (which is usually, but not necessarily, the "External links" section) so that boxes will appear next to, rather than below, the list items.

and this:

Sometimes box-type templates are not aesthetically pleasing, either because there are no external links except sister project ones, or because they result in an odd layout, such as a long sequence of right-aligned boxes hanging off the bottom of the article or excessive white space when the section is laid out in columns. In such cases, consider using "inline" templates, such as {{Commons-inline}}, in the "External links" section, so that links to sister projects appear as list items, like this:

This makes sense to me, so I encourage it. --Auntof6 (talk) 22:44, 14 June 2021 (UTC)
I was referring to the putting it in the references section which neither of those quotes says to do. The first quote also refers to the commons template, not the commons-inline template which is what we were talking about. The commons-inline template should never be in the references section because it is not a reference. The non-inline one can go in the references section so that it doesn't go below the references as your quote mentions, but in this specific case putting it in the references section would be incorrect as it would put the commons link inline with the references instead of next to them like the commons template would. -Djsasso (talk) 10:53, 15 June 2021 (UTC)

Closing RfDsEdit

When an RfD is closed the way Wikipedia:Requests for deletion/Requests/2021/Seth the Honorable this one was, without using the usual kept or deleted templates, the request doesn't appear in either the category for successful RfDs or the category for unsuccessful RfDs. Do we need an "other" category for RfDs? Without that, this kind of request could get lost. --Auntof6 (talk) 23:12, 14 June 2021 (UTC)

(talk page stalker) Would it be fine for the Successful/unsuccessful RfD categories to be added manually? --Ferien (talk) 20:09, 17 June 2021 (UTC)
Yeah it would be fine to add a category, though a QD'd article isn't a successful or an unsuccessful Rfd. It isn't something that has ever been considered to really matter much. Fairly high unlikelihood that someone is searching through the categories for closed discussions that aren't successful or unsuccessful. (ie we don't categorize any QD deletions) -Djsasso (talk) 20:19, 17 June 2021 (UTC)

subst tempEdit

What happens if we don't substitute templates? Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 20:03, 17 June 2021 (UTC)

Well it just means that it has to load the template from the template page if you don't. If you subst a template then it already has the template because its in the code of the page. Basically it uses less resources...though it isn't something to worry to much about. Most templates are not intended to be substituted. -Djsasso (talk) 20:05, 17 June 2021 (UTC)
Got it! Oh, and since you are an admin on EN-Wiki, I recently ran into an new article that was created via Articles for Creation, though I have some concerns about the licensing of the images used in the article, do I settle this at commons? --Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 20:07, 17 June 2021 (UTC)
If the photos are stored on commons as opposed to then yes you would handle it there. -Djsasso (talk) 20:19, 17 June 2021 (UTC)


Hi DJSasso! Just wondering since you like hockey, which team are you cheering for in the NHL? (I like Boston, but they are eliminated!) Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 01:42, 19 June 2021 (UTC)

Montreal is the team I cheer for, though I will also cheer for Calgary as long as they are not playing each other. -Djsasso (talk) 01:43, 19 June 2021 (UTC)
Nice! My sister owns the video game "NHL 08" for PC. She plays as Chicago Blackhawks. It's very funny, because when she is losing, she resets the game, and her difficulty is set to easy, so it's always like 13 to nothing, and there is also options where you can switch teams and pull the other team's goalie, she does that sometimes. When I play, I like to score in my own net! --Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 02:10, 19 June 2021 (UTC)

Are you talking about me? Hockeycatcat (talk) 06:31, 3 July 2021 (UTC)

No. -Djsasso (talk) 13:22, 5 July 2021 (UTC)

Interwiki problemEdit

Here's a problem I run into. I choose a title which is simple, such as "Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy" over a title "Canis Major Overdensity" used in En wiki. I find I cannot link to the En page if another title has previously been linked. You'll see from the history that I changed the title from Canis Major Galaxy (which is inexact) to Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy (which is one of two correct options). I think its good for us but, irrespective of that, how in general do I get the software to accept this change when it comes to the interlink with En wiki? Macdonald-ross (talk) 09:57, 15 July 2021 (UTC)

It should change automatically. But in a case like this one I just went to the old name which is a redirect and clicked the link on the side of the page to change interwikis and then edited the one for simple to the new name. --Djsasso (talk) 12:45, 18 July 2021 (UTC)