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Note: WikiProjects are not part of Wikimedia.

A WikiProject is a collection of pages that focuses on a specific subject within Wikipedia. It is not a place to write articles, but a tool to help others in writing articles. The talk pages that come with the projects are a useful forum for those who want to join a certain project.

Currently, Simple English Wikipedia is not yet large enough to have a large number of active WikiProjects. Many projects that have been created here in the past have been abandoned after a short amount of time. Because of this, WikiProjects are created in a user's userspace.

How to create a WikiProject change

Anyone can create a WikiProject in their own namespace. Let's say you are user:Example and want to create a WikiProject about cars. You could create the page User:Example/WikiProject Cars for your project. You may then notify the community of your WikiProject on Wikipedia:Simple talk and list it on this page on the list of current WikiProjects below.

Please note:

  • Simple English Wikipedia does not use categories for individual WikiProjects. There is Category:WikiProjects for the project pages and Category:WikiProject user templates for WikiProject user templates.
  • Simple English Wikipedia does not use categories for WikiProject participants. Participants can be listed on individual project pages.
  • Simple English Wikipedia does not use WikiProject banners on article talk pages.

Notifications on article talk pages change

If you have used another language Wikipedia, especially English Wikipedia, you may have seen a notice on article talk pages saying something like "This article is part of WikiProject Television". Until a WikiProject has been accepted by the community here and moved to the Wikipedia mainspace, it should not have notices placed on article talk pages. Once it is in the Wikipedia mainspace, it is fine to add these notices.

Current WikiProjects change

User help projects change

These projects are for helping other users.