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E217 seriesEdit

I Just want to make a new article using an existing article. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Tokyo Metro 6000 series (talkcontribs) 01:01, 12 October 2020 (UTC)

@Tokyo Metro 6000 series: I do not understand what you mean. Please do not move that article again, an admin will fix it in time. --IWI (talk) 01:02, 12 October 2020 (UTC)

Deleting a page to make way for a moveEdit

When you have this kind of request, it's simpler to just ask at the admins' noticeboard for the desired move to be done. The admins can delete the target page as part of the move, saving a step.--Auntof6 (talk) 06:04, 12 October 2020 (UTC)

@Auntof6: Okay, will do in the future. Always thought it was best to avoid clogging up the noticeboard, as moves requiring admins happen a lot. --IWI (talk) 06:42, 12 October 2020 (UTC)

Unsuccessful RfA...Edit

Hello, ImprovedWikiImprovment, I have closed your RfA as unsuccessful; you were 4 support votes (or 8%) short of what our guideline stipulates. Please continue the good work you do, and don't feel bad. Perhaps try again some other time? --Eptalon (talk) 19:54, 18 October 2020 (UTC)

Hi, and thank you for the message Eptalon. I am honoured to have been nominated in the first place as well as all the support I received from the community. I’d like to thank the opposers for their feedback and I will continue the work that I have been doing and will work on the points highlighted to me. Regards, --IWI (talk) 19:58, 18 October 2020 (UTC)

A Treat from ThegooduserEdit

Banana Ice Cream

ImprovedWikiImprovment, I would like to treat you to this (virtual) Ice Cream, for being an awesome Wikipedian, and for being Bold for going to an RFA, you deserve this! Don't ever give up and you will get the mop soon, you are awesome! :) --Thegooduser Let's Talk! :) 🍁 21:30, 18 October 2020 (UTC)

Thank you so much for the ice cream Thegooduser, I shall enjoy it :). Thank you for your kind words also, both here and in the RFA. Perhaps I will try again in the future... Kind regards, --IWI (talk) 21:41, 18 October 2020 (UTC)


To see your RFA ended this way. I thank you for your courage to run and I wish you all the best in future if you wish to run again. Happy Editing. Sidenote, viwiki is really one of the worst place to ask for deletions, I had several of my taggings reverted. It's not a small wiki vs large wiki issue, they just enjoy letting Vietnamese subjects to have pages there. I did several crosswiki cleanups of paid editors / globally locked ones, and I managed to get all the articles deleted from major wikis like de/ja/it/pt/es etc and the only one which refuse is vi. However, each wikis have it's own governance and notablity standards, so slowly I learned to ignore them. Anyway, thanks for volunteering :). Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 09:35, 19 October 2020 (UTC)

@Camouflaged Mirage: Thank you for your support. Yes I learnt this the hard way it seems, however I do not think starting a deletion discussion for an article you think isn’t notable is a bad thing to do, nor would I describe that as "disturbing". The governing body of any project is the community, and they have decided new editors cannot start deletion discussions. That is fair enough – it is for this reason I should not have started it. Also, if they have a different idea of notability that is fine too. I will continue to be passionate (but not aggressive) in deleting spam articles here, though. If that would cost me the admin tools, so be it (although that does not seem fair). As for the other points, they were very much constructive and fair points of criticism. As Eptalon said to me, RfAs are very much about "dirty laundry". You too had your concerns that I can learn from in your support vote. But I am happy and I will continue to contribute here as normal. Perhaps I will try again in the future :). Regards, --IWI (talk) 10:11, 19 October 2020 (UTC)


Sorry to have missed your RfA candidacy. I would have supported you 100%. Also, thought I let you know how much I appreciate you being polite in all our interactions. Keep up the great work, and hope to support you in the future. --Infogapp1 (talk) 14:43, 19 October 2020 (UTC)

@Infogapp1: Thank's Infogapp. I try to be kind most of the time to all people I interact with. I do tend to agree with the consensus of the RFA that I'm probably not ready yet. Thanks for your kind words :) --IWI (talk) 14:53, 19 October 2020 (UTC)

About Volkswagen New BeetleEdit

May I ask about Volkswagen New Beetle, I don't know if this article is good or bad. Could you check it? Thank you. — Gomdoli (talk) 03:31, 21 October 2020 (UTC)

@Gomdoli4696: There's a comment in the article that makes it a vandalism article. I have tagged it for quick deletion. Thanks, --IWI (talk) 11:31, 21 October 2020 (UTC)

QD A1 on LowEdit

Please note that policy specifically states that "Having a small amount of content is not a reason to delete if it has useful information." for QD A1. Quick deletion should not be used as an alternative method of "remediating" encyclopedia articles of a sub-par quality. Chenzw  Talk  09:39, 22 October 2020 (UTC)

@Chenzw: I didn't think it had much meaning when I tagged it, but it appeared to be a dictionary definition now that I look at it again (i.e. not A1). Sorry about that, thanks for letting me know :). --IWI (talk) 09:45, 22 October 2020 (UTC)