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  • that comment there was not meant to be rude to you or anything, I am not trying to attack you. :) --Thegooduser Let's Talk! :) 🍁 20:56, 22 April 2020 (UTC)
Hi User:Thegooduser, No worries :), I didn't see the harm with the comment but meh, would rather not argue over it, Apologies for the edit summary, Happy editing. –Davey2010Talk 21:05, 22 April 2020 (UTC)

Reverts on Mercy EdirisingheEdit

Hi there, I work as an editor on a popular movie database in Sri Lanka. You had recently reverted my edit on the late Mrs. Mercy Edirisinghe. I would like to know why you had reverted my edits. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Raptorz12 (talkcontribs) 16:43, 23 June 2020 (UTC)

Hi Raptorz12, Apologies for the long delay in getting back to you - I'm not all that active here, I reverted your additions as the EN article doesn't state her exact dob or death date ... whereas you were adding those to this article.... Please source these if adding them back, Thanks. –Davey2010Talk 17:00, 7 July 2020 (UTC)