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2024 (MMXXIV) is a leap year starting on Monday in the Gregorian calendar, and is the current year. It is the 24th year of the 3rd millennium, the 24th year of the 21st century, and the 5th year of the 2020s decade.

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2024 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar2024
Ab urbe condita2777
Armenian calendar1473
Assyrian calendar6774
Bahá'í calendar180–181
Balinese saka calendar1945–1946
Bengali calendar1431
Berber calendar2974
British Regnal yearCha. 3 – 3 Cha. 3
Buddhist calendar2568
Burmese calendar1386
Byzantine calendar7532–7533
Chinese calendar癸卯(Water Rabbit)
4720 or 4660
    — to —
甲辰年 (Wood Dragon)
4721 or 4661
Coptic calendar1740–1741
Discordian calendar3190
Ethiopian calendar2016–2017
Hebrew calendar5784–5785
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat2080–2081
 - Shaka Samvat1945–1946
 - Kali Yuga5124–5125
Holocene calendar12024
Igbo calendar1024–1025
Iranian calendar1402–1403
Islamic calendar1445–1446
Japanese calendarReiwa 6
Javanese calendar1957–1958
Juche calendar113
Julian calendarGregorian minus 13 days
Korean calendar4357
Minguo calendarROC 113
Nanakshahi calendar556
Thai solar calendar2567
Tibetan calendar阴水兔年
(female Water-Rabbit)
2150 or 1769 or 997
    — to —
(male Wood-Dragon)
2151 or 1770 or 998
Unix time1704067200 – 1735689599

The year saw the continuation of major conflicts including the Russo-Ukrainian war, the Israel-Hamas war, the Red Sea crisis, Myanmar civil war and the War in Sudan. With over 70 national elections being held during the year, 2024 is expected to be an uncommonly active year in elections, with seven of the ten most populous countries (Bangladesh, Pakistan, Russia, India, Mexico, Indonesia, and the United States), the United Kingdom, and the European Union expected to hold elections in this year. Artificial intelligence is expected to influence voters ahead of elections, increasing risks of political disinformation and democratic backsliding across the world.

Footballers and football managers Mario Zagallo and Franz Beckenbauer, former President of Chile Sebastián Piñera, marathon world record holder Kelvin Kiptum and Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny died.

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January change

On January 1, an earthquake in Noto Peninsula, Japan, kills over 230 people.

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January change

Basdeo Panday
Niklaus Wirth
Saleh al-Arouri
Glynis Johns
David Soul
Franz Beckenbauer
Norman Jewison
Arno Allan Penzias
Chita Rivera

February change

Carl Weathers
Toby Keith
Dries van Agt
Sebastián Piñera
Alexei Navalny
Brian Mulroney

March change

Herbert Kroemer
Richard Serra
Daniel Kahneman
Joe Lieberman
Louis Gossett Jr.

April change

Maryse Condé
Peter Higgs
O. J. Simpson
Gediminas Kirkilas
Paul Auster

May change

Bernard Hill
Roger Corman

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  73. Muere Carmen Valero, doble campeona mundial de campo a través (in Spanish)
  74. Le pilote automobile René Metge, triple vainqueur du Dakar, est mort (in French)
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  76. Vuela al cielo leyenda del deporte blanco mexicano (in Spanish)
  77. Glynis Johns, most known for role in 'Mary Poppins,' dies at 100
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  91. Joyce Randolph, Trixie on ‘The Honeymooners,’ Dies at 99
  92. Raema Lisa Rumbewas, the history-making lifter, passes away
  93. Howard Waldrop: 1946–2024
  94. Bayern trauert um „Cäsar“ Klaus Wunder (in German)
  95. Muere a los 88 años Jorge Griffa, histórico defensa del Atlético (in Spanish)
  96. Скончался Дрор Каштан, самый титулованный израильский футбольный тренер (in Russian)
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  102. Two-Time Olympic Medalist, Former World Record Holder Lance Larson Dies At 83
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  104. David Michael Emge
  105. Norman Jewison, Director of ‘In the Heat of the Night’ and ‘Moonstruck,’ Dies at 97
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  107. Arno Penzias
  108. Умер олимпийский чемпион по баскетболу Поливода (in Russian)
  109. Gigi Riva, è morto il mito del calcio italiano (in Italian)
  110. Frank Farian, Music Producer Who Created Milli Vanilli and Boney M, Dies at 82
  111. Jean Petit, légende de Monaco, est mort Jean Petit, légende de Monaco, est mort (in French)
  112. Carl Andre, Sculptor Who Pioneered Minimalism, Dies at 88
  113. Jesse Jane cause of death: Porn star found dead at 43 years old
  114. N. Scott Momaday, Pulitzer Prize winner and giant of Native American literature, dead at 89
  115. חולון נפרדת מיקירת העיר בת שבע דגן (in Hebrew)
  116. The writer and SANA academician Goran Petrović passed away
  117. Luis Tejada cause of death: Panama's top scorer passes away
  118. Morre aos 78 anos, Jandira Martini, atriz de O Clone, América e outras novelas famosas (in Portuguese)
  119. Sandra Milo, morta a 90 anni l'attrice musa di Fellini (in Italian)
  120. Jean Carnahan, first Missouri woman to serve in the U.S. Senate, dies at 90
  121. Zemřel bývalý veslař Pecka, vicemistr světa a dvojnásobný olympijský medailista (in Czech)
  122. Broadway Icon Chita Rivera Dies at 91
  123. FC-Legende Heinz Simmet gestorben (in German)
  124. President Hage Geingob is Dead
  125. John Barth, Writer Who Pushed Storytelling’s Limits, Dies at 93
  126. L’écrivaine guadeloupéenne Maryse Condé est morte (in French)
  127. Гильдия актеров Союза кинематографистов России сообщила о том, что скончалась народная артистка России Татьяна Конюхова (1931 — 2024) (in Russian)
  128. World's Oldest Man dies at 114
  129. RIP John Sinclair, dead at 82